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Midland Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom System (2)

Posted by GinaATX about 5 years, 4 months ago

Midland's BT2 is a wireless multimedia system for bikers, designed to be fitted directly on to your helmet, and for use with Bluetooth devices like mobile phones, GPS Sat-Navs, and MP3 players. If desired, it can also be paired with another Midland BT2 unit and used as wireless Rider/Passenger Intercom system or Rider to Rider in bike-to-bike mode, within a maximum range of 220 yards. The Midland BT2 is also supplied with a wired connection that can be used to connect an iPod/MP3 player or GMRS transceiver, which will then enable bike-to-bike communications up to a maximum range of three miles.

This package bundles two separate BT2 systems, enabling rider-and-passenger or motorcycle-to-motorcycle intercom communication (along with standard multimedia uses for each rider). You can also purchase a single BT2 unit.Pair of BT2s Included
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