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AIM Solo GPS Lap Timer

Posted by Brandon_Turkus about 9 years, 3 months ago

The AIM Solo is an automatic lap timer based on GPS technology. The Solo locates its GPS position, identifies the track from the internal list of the main world tracks and starts automatically sampling lap times.

The AIM SOLO automatically records and displays all useful data to improve any type of race performance: speed, performance and regularity on both open and closed circuits (ex. rally). Solo can show: speed, lap and split times, predictive lap time, best lap (the fastest; or in regular race, the one nearest to the reference one) and acceleration. When race is over, all data (Predictive lap time excluded, of course) can be downloaded on a PC and analyzed through Race Studio 2 software using graphs, tables and also real GPS images. Moreover, thanks to the built-in track database it is no more necessary to fix beacon coordinates to sample lap times: just switch Solo on and it detects the coordinates using the GPS, automatically recognizing track, lap and split coordinates. Included is a huge track database that can be expanded adding one's circuit coordinates, both at home (using GPS Manager software) or on the track.

Acceleration tests managed by Solo are: 100m, 400m, 1000m, 0/100 km/h, 0/160 km/h: when a test session is over, the display shows all the related data. Solo installation kit and the magnets in its rear make it really simple to place the Laptimer in the car. Solo powering is very simple as well, using the vehicle battery or the car lighter socket.

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