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FastSideways Car Control Training: NEW VENUE!

Posted by about 6 months, 2 weeks ago

**We are now hosting classes at Irwindale Speedway!**

For many SoCal residents, that means way less of a drive to get to the events. We are doing our first Irwindale event on Father's Day, June 20th, and we think it's a great way to celebrate!

Sign-ups are currently live at

Looking for a unique way to improve your lap times and get a leg-up on the competition? FastSideways offers car control instruction from professional drivers that is specifically created for racers and track day enthusiasts. We teach how to "rotate" your car, a technique used by top drivers to squeeze out every last possible bit of speed through a turn, in a multitude of difference scenarios...and, how to save a slide when it inevitably gets bigger than you intended, without going off track and without even losing much speed. This is not a drifting school (although there is some overlap in the curriculum, naturally), as everything we practice relates back to getting through corners with more speed and more confidence. Most courses are held at Willow Springs Raceway and Thunderhill Raceway, and are catered toward drivers with rear-wheel-drive cars.

Full Day Car Control Clinic - $1150

-Suitable for beginner to advance level drivers who want to improve their car control

-Limited to 6 students (with 2 instructors) to guarantee a LOT of seat time

-Learn in your own car

-Rental car available

-Understeer mitigation

-Oversteer correction (on and off throttle)

-Weight transfer / transitioning

-Trail braking

-Combine skills in a "short course"

-Constant right-seat instruction

-Small class sizes

-Apply the skills to the "real world;" how do you use this to be faster?

-Customizable: What would you like to learn?

Full Track Training - $2800

-The ultimate car control training program

- Skid pad + full track (Streets of Willow, Horse Thief Mile, Thunderhill West)

-Practice exercises on the pad, then go full scale and apply them to the track

-Retrain your brain to drive based on feel, rather than preconceived notions of what your car can and can't do

-Keep your car at 100% of its limit 100% of the time to extract as much speed as is possible

-Learn to overcome "bad setups" with your driving

-Learn to adapt to new cars and tracks quicker than you thought possible

-Limited to 4 students, with 4 professional instructors for constant one-on-one training

FS Comp Series - $140

-Fun skid pad competition that directly applies the FastSideways techniques!

-Gymkhana style courses with very tight, 1st gear corners, 180s, boxes, 360s, etc

-Team competition designed to "auto-balance" based on qualifying times

-Any car, any drivetrain, any tire, any experience level welcome

-Cash prizes for top teams and drivers  



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