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2008 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Coyote

Posted by GmanGT about 1 month, 2 weeks ago

No expense was spared on this recently completed hi end Mustang build. The significant amount of work and money invested into this project were done with the intent of keeping the car for a lifetime of track and street use.  Due to some recent developments however I've chosen to sell the car, otherwise I would have not invested so much money and personal time into it.  The build started in late 2017 with a stock 2008 Mustang GT and was just completed in 2020.  The car has minimal track time use and in HPDE only, primarily for testing after each level of new upgrades.  Over $110,000 has been invested and there is a customized open trailer set up.  I have all the receipts from very reputable build shops.  The parts alone, some almost new, are worth the asking price.  The car is located in Maryland.  1320 Fabrications did the interior fabrication including the Watson Racing 10 point cage installation and aluminum trunk separation panel, as well as building the custom fuel tank holder on the trailer.  Justins Performance Center (JPC Racing) did the bulk of the project from there including the interior completion, engine, drive train, transmission, brakes, wheels Griggs Racing suspension and finally the turbos installation.  At Speed Motorsports did the cool suit system and some  road course adjustments to the Griggs Racing suspension.  I installed the hood louvers and made the air inlets in the lower bumper for the turbo intercoolers.  There are very many upgrades well beyond the following that can be provided.  The following is a primary list of all the new parts and upgrades, 

  • 2014 Coyote Gen1 engine with just over 39K miles upon installation from The Parts Farm,
  • Twin Garrett GTX2067R watercooled turbos
  • BOV race ports
  • Intercoolers
  • Custom tig welded intake
  • Heat shields
  • 2011-2014 GT/Boss TSS Billet oil pump and crank gear with ARP bolt
  • Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake
  • Super Cobra Jet throttle body
  • AEM Infinity Engine Management system
  • Custom carbon fiber dash
  • AIM data recorder, instrument display and SmartyCam
  • Rear mount battery
  • ARC8000 Relay panel
  • Master kill switch
  • VDM G meter/GPS speed vehicle dynamics module
  • 2011-2016 E85 fuel system
  • 2008 GT500 fuel level sender and module, twin pump, remote oil filter mount
  • Fluid Turbo Systems 304SS manifolds
  • All custom wiring front to rear.  Note the car can easily be converted back to gasoline use
  • Griggs GR40RT racing suspension $ 16,000 just for parts, before installation
  • Watkins 10 point cage, gussetted to body
  • Apex 18" wheels
  • Baer "Extreme" system brakes with 6S Calipers
  • Front brake cooling ducts
  • Michelin 27/65S9 event tires
  • Sparco racing seats
  • Shroth 5 point harnesses
  • Momo detachable steering wheel
  • Front and rear towhooks
  • Trunk mouted battery in safety box
  • Custom trunk release button
  • Sparco racing pedals
  • FAST cooling system with mounting bracket
  • Tremec Magnum XL 6 speed transmission wiht 8 bolt lightened steel flywheel
  • 1 piece aluminum driveshaft 900 HP
  • Strange axles
  • New rear end differential 3.73 gearing
  • New front bumper assembly with new paint
  • Raxion Gen 5 tailights
  • Smoked turn signals, rear center brake light
  • Shelby hood pins
  • Trackspec hood louvers
  • Noah car cover
  • TRAILER  2017 Big Tex Trailer 7 x 18 with TrailFX 8K power winch and custom welded bracket to hold 35 gallon mobile fuel tank

SUMMARY  This car is absolutely amazing and received the best of everything with many hours of personal attention.  It is still registered in MD for street use but has been set up to be a monster track car and in the right hands could certainly compete on a national level in various road course driving clubs.  The boost is presently adjusted to only about 700 HP at the rear wheels (closer to 800 at flywheel), but the turbos are capable of generating much more boost and power.  The plan was to eventually install a built long block 1200-1500 HP monster engine as the turbo system installation was intentionally set up to create that kind of power.  The present Coyote engine has had the oiling system beefed and sured up for some higher HP in the meantime.  The turbo power and Griggs suspension handling and adjustability makes this car competitive with or superior to many later model track cars both foreign and domestic on the road or track.  The AEM system allows customizing the turbo psi boosts per gear with a variety of boost/gear combinations with a turn of the dash knob. I'm quite sad to be selling it but hope it can meet the full potential it was designed for.  It's a great car for the track or just going to cars and coffee shows.  There are many pictures documenting the entire build process from start to finish as well as trailer pictures, but I am limited to the amount allowed to post in the ad.  More pictures, copies of receipts and details and can be provided to serious buyers for review. 

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