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2012 BMW E92 M3 Ultimate Daily/Track Car Build

Posted by jdrinkh2o about 2 weeks ago

2012 BMW E92 M3 ZCP Competition package with the DCT transmission, 70K miles. Car is located in Seattle Washington.

Lots of photos and details in this build thread on M3 Post:

Amazing car, built for ultimate performance at the track while still being perfectly suitable for daily driving.  The car retains all of the factory comforts of a full interior, navigation, climate control, heated seats, ZCP competition package, while running the chassis components of a full-spec race car.  I spent a year building the car with only the best parts.  I’ve ran the car for two track seasons, while also driving it to work every day and it’s been bullet-proof.  This car is an absolute blast to drive on the track - extremely easy to drive with neutral handling and stable aerodynamics, wild grip with the race tires, strong braking that never fades, with the power and beautiful sounds from BMW’s 4.0L naturally aspirated S65 V8 that revs to 8400 RPM.  Changing priorities for next year are the only reason for selling the car.

The car is a 2012 BMW E92 M3 ZCP Competition package with the DCT transmission and the carbon roof.  It is fully loaded, and includes navigation, cold weather package and I believe every other “package” BMW included this model year.  I bought the car with 50K miles on it and it was completely stock, I knew one of the previous owners and the car had been extremely well taken care of.

In order to prep it for track use I went through an extensive maintenance refresh when I got the car.  The rod bearings in the motor were replaced with BE Bearings extra clearance coated bearings and ARP rod bolts were installed.  The factory OEM engine mounts were also replaced with brand new OEM mounts (I tried harder mounts but the daily driving ride was massively compromised with stiff engine mounts).  All the factory cooling parts were replaced with new OEM components, this included all the hoses, water pump, thermostat, pulleys, reservoirs.  The radiator was upgraded with a CSF aluminum triple pass.  New plugs were installed, and all fluids switched to Redline synthetic.

From there all the performance modifications were carefully selected and added to attack the track while still being civil.  Engine and power mods are kept very basic to maintain reliability. The car has a carbon fiber intake system and two sets of high flow air filters.  The intake pluem and airbox have been wrapped in gold heat reflective film to keep intake air temperatures lower.  There’s an underdrive pulley to reduce power loss from accessories and an upgraded power steering reservoir to prevent leaks at high temperature that the stock OEM part is known for.  The exhaust is a full Bimmerworld race setup without cats, but including resonators.  I also have the full stock exhaust.  I typically run the Bimmerworld race Xpipe with the stock rear section for daily driving throughout the year and then put the Bimmerworld race rear section on during the summer track season.  The ECU has been tuned with an Epic racing tune to leverage the removal of the cats.  The transmission has been reflashed with the Euro version of the MDM settings and runs the Euro GTS shifting tune.  The overall power package is truly amazing on track, incredible throttle response, linear power delivery with high revs and glorious sounds from the V8 and the DCT gearbox.

The brakes and suspension components really set this build apart from typical track builds.  These are real race car parts, Performance Friction ZF54 big brake kit in the front use MASSIVE industry leading 2 piece floating rotors that are rebuildable without fasteners, and brake pads that are nearly 2 inches thick.  This creates massive thermal capacity in the system, which eliminates fade, and the pads last forever!  I have pads for both street driving and track days. Combined with all new stainless lines and racing brake fluid this setup has tons of stopping power and WILL NOT fade, which is a major problem in OEM based E9X M3’s. The suspension is all based around MCS 2 way adjustable remote reservoir dampers with custom spring rates, and upgraded components that allow for a track specific alignment.  The remote reservoirs are cleanly mounted in the engine compartment and truck.  The MCS suspension has great street manners due to the racing style high speed compression, which is able to “blow-open” on big bumps and keep the ride smooth.  The same ability to hit an apex curb without throwing the car off-line or being too jarring absorbs bumps in the road.  The overall ride quality is about the same as the factory EDC suspension with much less body roll and may more traction and wheel control.  The rear subframe has been put on solid bushings to increase responsiveness, while maintaining rubber bushings at the differential to keep road noise and drivability high for daily use.  Fully adjustable swaybars front and rear allow for tuning of the cars balance.

To round out the performance parts is a street friendly aero package based on the GT4 front lip and splitter.  This is big enough to provide meaningful aero to the front of the car while not being too long or too low to navigate parking lots and driveways.  The rear is balanced out with an APR GT250 wing that is set to a mellow angle of attack.  Overall aero could be increased by adding a longer front splitter and increasing angle of attack of the rear wing - the car just becomes a pain to drive around town.  Carbon side skirts, mirrors, and side gills tie it all together with the carbon roof.  Tow hooks are installed at both the front and rear. 

Includes two sets of wheels and tires, the stock ZCP wheels with Michelen all season tires, and lightweight Apex wheels with Pireli DH racing slicks.  Extended wheel studs makes swapping wheels much easier, and there’s a selection of wheel spacers to get the look nice and flush with both setups.  All 4 race wheels/tires are able to be transported in the car for track days - which is amazing for a 2 door coupe.

Interior of the car is in fantastic shape.  Includes the alcantara performance steering wheel, billet aluminum Bimmerworld pedals and Scroth Quick-Fit Pro racing harnesses for both seats that install in minutes at the track.  I also have a fixed back Sparco racing seat that I install just for track days.  The Sparco seat and the Scroth harness allows for use of a Hans device.

Over the past two years I’ve watched race cars with this same level of build (but with a stripped interior and a roll-cage installed) sell for $55K-$65K.  I’m looking for $45K, with a bit of wiggle room depending on a few items I could include or remove. 
The whole build is fully documented, and happy to talk to serious people.  Parts list below.


MCS 2 Way Adjustable with remote reservoirs dampers, rear non-coilover

600 lb front (6" x 2.25" with helper)

900 lb rear springs (8" x 60mm no helper)

Ground Control race camber plates and articulating rear perches

Power flex race top mount for rear shock

Hotchkins swaybars front and rear

Bimmerworld adjustable front swaybar links

Hotchkins adjustable rear swaybar endlinks

Bimmerworld solid rear subframe mounts

SPL rear toe arms, with eccentric lockout

EDC coded out


Bimmerworld stainless lines

Motul RBF600 Fluid

Performance Friction Z54 big brakes in the front, PF012 pads for track, and PF street pads for daily driving

Ferodo DS2500 rear pads, stock calipers and rotors

Wheels and Tires


Apex ARC 8 18x10 +25

Pirelli 265 65 18 DH slicks

Removed TPMS sensors and coded them out

Macht Schnell extended wheel studs

10mm spacers front and rear


BMW ZCP competition package wheels

Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+

15mm Front spacer

Engine and drivetrain

BE Rod bearings and ARP bolts

New OEM motor mounts

CSF aluminum 3 pass radiator

Do88 DCT and Oil cooler (not yet installed)

All new OEM cooling parts: water pump, all cooling hoses, coolant reservoir

Rogue underdrive pulley

AFE carbon fiber intake with two filters: dry and wrt

Bimmerworld power steering reservoir

EPIC race tune

Euro MDM coding

GTS DCT tune

Bimmerworld X-Pipe, resonated, no cats

Bimmerworld Race catback exhaust

Still have full stock exhaust as well, I daily drive with stock rear section and BW X-Pipe.


GT4 splitter

APR GT250 wing 61"

Ebay carbon fiber side skirts

Raceseng Tug towhook

Rear tow strap

Carbon turn indicators


Bimmerworld billet pedals

Scroth Quickfit Pro harnesses, both seats

Sparco Seat with base available

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