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Used Spec MX-5 Race Cars - save $20k

Posted by WindingRoad about 3 months, 1 week ago

Winding Road Race Services is now selling its 2020 fleet of used Spec MX-5 race cars. Save up to $20k vs a new build and be ready to practice and run before the 2021 season.

We have four cars available. Each car has run in approximately 4 events in 2020, with the exception of #27 which has run 6 events. Cars were built in 2018 from Skip Barber Series low mileage (approximately 40k miles) donors. New seats, belts, nets, fire systems, hubs, data systems, brakes, clutch, diff and transmissions were installed. For 2020, the cars were fully rebuilt again, with zero mile Mazda Motorsports crate engines, new suspensions, radiators, exhaust, bumper covers, hard top, forged wheels and more to be in full compliance with the 2020 rules. A new build with similar features is $55,000+

Experience: Winding Road Race Services is the largest builder of Spec MX-5 cars in the U.S. Over 25% of all Spec MX-5s built to date were done by Winding Road. 

Success: Winding Road cars have won the Central Series Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship, the National Series Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship (twice, 2019 and 2020) and the Invitational Championship in 2020. 

Specifications below are typical of each car. Cars with extra weight reduction modification carry a premium.

Prices start at $34,900 for car #14 with the Basic Build. Car #74 qualified on the front row of the 2020 National Championship, car #99 scored the most points among all cars in the National Championship, car #27 won the 2020 National Series. Common specifications (inquire for exact specs and pricing beyond base for other cars):

Welded HD roll cage
Base black paint; WR graphics have been or can be removed
Mazda Motorsports spec engine
Roush cylinder head
Mahle pistons
Mazda Motorsports cold air intake
Spec race ECU
ACT race clutch
Spec headers
C&R radiator
Mazda Motorsports exhaust
Penske spec shocks
Eibach spec springs
Eibach spec sway bar and end links
Wheel studs
OMP seat and bracket
Sabelt wheel/hub
Sabelt Harness
Window net

Firesense mechanical fire system

Aluminum bulkhead
Aluminum transmission tunnel cover
Race hard top
Tow straps
Kill switch

Reliability package:

Race transmission
Replacement rotors
Caliper rebuild
Rebuilt LSD
Grille mesh
RX-8 diff brace
RX-8 hubs

Performance package:

Race battery
Headlight delete
Radio delete

All cars have:

Rays wheels

AiM Solo 2 HD data system

AiM SmartyCam GP HD video system

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