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Elan DP02 Chassis #15

Posted by cronson about 1 week, 2 days ago

Asking $69,500


2.3l MZR from Elan- ready for rebuild based on hours. Oil changes were performed after every race weekend and oil filters cut/inspected.

Professionally maintained by Wayne Brown @ Savannah Race Engineering (now Andy Greene Sports & Vintage Race Cars).

Highly developed chassis with a lot of data/video available thanks to Savannah Race Engineering.

Extremely reliable car after we worked through some small issues

3 sets of wheels- 1 set new rains mounted, 1 set 4 heat cycle Avons mounted, 1 set of 8 heat cycled Avons mounted. New un-mounted set of Avons. We tested all tires currently available as of 9/27/2020.

Upgraded radiator through Comprent

Comprent alignment tool

Comprent carbon rear fenders (fenders have been modified for better airflow and strength)

Comprent carbon engine cowl to go along with rear fenders

AIM MXL dash and data acquisition with Smarty Cam GP HD

Belts good through 2023

Pedals adjusted for tall (6’3”) driver, can be adjusted back

Re-engineered rear toe-link so they are no longer pre-loaded (prevents future suspension failures due to the factory pre-load snapping the rod ends)

NEW Lithium battery

NEW rebuilt alternator to handle high loads (LED lights for vintage night racing) and the lithium battery

NEW front splitters of various sizes to aid in adding/removing front grip

NEWLY rebuilt shocks

NEW Gear Box with extra gears

NEW Titanium exhaust & Stainless exhaust

Swap maps between restricted (SCCA) and un-restricted (NASA or Vintage)

NEW outer Tripods

NEW Spa Technique Fire Bottle 9/24/2020

All of the issues that aided in un-reliability in the chassis have all been removed- rear upper control arm tie-rods are fixed; Re-routing of cables and wires to prevent rub, unwanted stresses, or possible weak points have been done; alternator and battery upgraded to no longer worry about voltage drops under higher electrical loads; no more exhaust restrictions with 2 different ways for exhaust exit; proper channeling of air through the body work and out the back to gain highest levels of downforce while keeping heat build up to a minimum; rear wing mounts have been fixed to prevent cracking on the mount to wing; rear wing to gearbox mounts have also been fixed and stabilizers added to prevent flexing and breaking of mounts on the gearbox, and shocks have proper valving and gas pressures to be 100% functioning. The car is solid. At the SCCA Sebring short course this year we lapped the entire field after starting both days in 3rd on old tires. We did not have a good showing at the Roebling Majors race due to a Hoosier tire that gave up on us in it's 2nd heat cycle (during the Saturday race) and our competitor had body work fly off the car and he didn't race on Sunday. The car has been extremely fast when raced with NASA, SVRA and HSR, regularly finishing ahead of cars that should be faster than us.

The car was ran for the last time at Roebling Road 9-26/27 where it finished 2nd overall behind a unrestricted Formula Atlantic and ahead of another unrestricted Formula Atlantic.  I'm also the 2020 SARRC P1 Champion.

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