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2002 BMW 330i TT/ST5/GTS2/SE46/WRL/AER

Posted by mrfabl5 about 1 month, 1 week ago

Recently completed BMW 330i. Originally built for Time Trial with eventual progression to  SPEC E46, but plans have changed.

The car was built following the Spec E46 rule book, but can run in a variety of classes. Car is currently on AST 4150 shocks with Spec springs and has an open differential with the 3.46 ratio. Swap the shocks and add your choice of diff and run SpecE46 or SCCA T3.

A complete detailed build sheet is here:

Nothing on the car was left untouched. Every issue or potential issue was addressed. I wanted to optimize track time rather than trackside repairs.

Build photos can be found here:

The car was driven to the track for a track day before the full cage was installed and has been street driven since completion. It is completely reliable and ready to go.

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