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Griot's Garage Master Car Care Collection

Posted by AutoAnything about 6 years, 11 months ago

Give your ride the Concours d'Elegance shine and preserve its sharp looks with the Griot's Garage Master Car Care Collection. With the daily attack of sun, mud puddles and sap-dripping trees, your ride is under constant attack from the elements. The Griot’s Master Collection boasts an arsenal of detailing tools to protect and pamper everything from your wheel wells to your windows.

Made up of 58 of the best Griot's Garage products, the Master Car Care Collection gives you everything you need to make your ride shine inside and out. Along with all the Griot's cleaners, Griot's wax, and Griot's polishes, your Master Collection also comes with a slew of detail brushes, microfiber towels and polishing pads to scrub, dry and buff every inch of your vehicle.

To top it all off, your Griot's Master Car Care Collection includes the Detailer's Handbook. This invaluable booklet is overflowing with expert advice and time-saving tips about how to use your new car care kit for trophy-winning results—even if the only award you're angling for is Best on the Block.

  • Equip your garage with the best car care tools from Griot's Garage with the Master Car Care Collection
  • Kit Price Savings: up to 16% over individual accessories
  • Brings a professional detailer’s stockpile to your garage
  • Stacked with 58 of the best Griot's Garage car care tools:
    • Car Wash, 16oz
    • 2 Micro Fiber Wash Mitts
    • Micro Fiber Drying Towel
    • Ultimate Wash Bucket (optional)
    • Spray-On Wax, 35oz
    • Wheel Cleaner, 35oz
    • 2 Three-Finger Detail Mitts
    • Long Handle Wheel Scrubber Brush
    • Rubber Cleaner, 35oz
    • Speed Shine®, 35oz
    • 3 Speed Shine® Micro Fiber Cloths
    • Paint Cleaning Clay, 8oz
    • 5 pairs of Vinyl Gloves
    • Fine Hand Polish, 16oz
    • 2 Cotton Polishing Pads
    • 3 Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cloths
    • Best of Show Wax®, 16oz
    • 6" Red Foam Wax Pad
    • Adjustable 6" Foam Pad Holder
    • 3 Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths
    • Vinyl & Rubber Dressing, 8oz
    • Blue Detail Sponge
    • Window Cleaner, 35oz
    • 4 Micro Fiber Window Cloths
    • Interior Cleaner, 35oz
    • 4 Micro Fiber Interior Cloths
    • Leather Care Spray, 8oz
    • 5 Finest Sprayers
    • Foaming Finest Sprayer
    • Detailer's Handbook


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