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1971 Alpine A110 1600S Group IV

Posted by WindingRoad about 5 months, 4 weeks ago

1971 Alpine A110 1600S Group IV

Chassis no. A110 17294

Engine no. 80725

1,606cc OHV 4-Cylinder Engine

Dual Twin-Choke Weber Carburetors

Est. 135bhp at 6,200rpm

4-Speed Manual Transaxle 

4-Wheel Independent Suspension

4-Wheel Ventilated Disc Brakes

*Documented with FIVA paperwork 

*Rare and desirable, Group IV 1600S A110

*Dieppe-built, genuine Alpine A110 

*Eligible for a wide variety of rallies, events, and tours


One of the great names in postwar French motorsport, Alpine was the brainchild of Dieppe garagiste's son, Jean Redele, who began in the early 1950s by developing a competition version of the popular little Renault 4CV, which to Redele's credit won its class in the Mille Miglia three years running! From this he developed the first Alpine - the A106 with Renault 4CV running gear and streamlined fiberglass Coupe bodywork - which was presented to Régie Renault in July 1955. This 747cc Renault 4CV-based machine set the trend for a range of sports cars culminating in the A610 of the mid-1990s. Fiberglass bodies and rear-mounted production engines remained a common theme for 40 years. Up-rated in 1956 with the new Dauphine engine, the A106 also established the company's competition heritage with a class-winning performance in the 1956 Mille Miglia.

By 1958 Redele was using a sophisticated tubular steel chassis, and in 1961 he introduced the A108 Berlinette Tour de France which featured a tubular backbone frame, double wishbone front suspension and a Renault Dauphine swing-axle set-up at the rear. It was developed into a potent - and often unbeatable - rally car, using a variety of Renault power units. 

In 1963 Alpine launched the A110 Berlinette, which became the mainspring of production, its rearward weight bias giving it outstanding cornering characteristics for rallying. In 1969 A110s finished 1-2-3 in the Coupe des Alpes and came third in the Monte Carlo Rally. The following year, Alpines again came third in the Monte and won the Italian Acropolis and Tour de Corse rallies. Alpine driver Jean-Claude Andruet became European Rally Champion. 

By 1971 the marque's competition record had endeared Alpine to Renault to such an extent that they were appointed as its official competition wing. More successes followed, Alpine-Renault winning the World Rally Championship for Makes in 1971 and 1973 with the A110. The A110's secret was that it combined an excellent power-to-weight ratio with a fundamental toughness that belied its apparent fragility. It's pretty fiberglass body and stiff backbone chassis were both light yet durable; it boasted up to 180bhp and was competitive on all types of terrain. In production from 1962 through to 1977, this charismatic sports two-seater rivaled the Porsche 911 for performance while being even more exclusive: the hand-built Alpines left the factory at the rate of only 10 per week throughout the late 1960s/early 1970s. 


According to the renowned Alpine A110 model-book, the sporting example offered here - chassis number 17294 - was completed new at the Dieppe, France-based Alpine works to Group IV racing specifications and fitted with the powerful 1600S engine. The fiberglass exterior was completed as it appears today, in model-appropriate Bleu Metallise (Metallic Blue). The FIVA Passport issued for the car further documents the Group IV Alpine A110 as having been owned by a Mr. Franco Bruni of Italy in the late 1980s, then a Mr. Salvador Travino in California, USA in 2001, then a Benzicron Family Trust in 2013, also in California, and lastly the consignor - a Chicago-based collector of exceptional European sports cars - in 2014. 

Today this rare and desirable Alpine A110 1600S Group IV Coupe is offered with all the specified performance options for the model, including the Gotti wheels, wide bubble fenders, larger front brakes, a hydraulic hand brake, roll bar and safety harness. The A110 looks spectacular with driving lights out front and period-correct sponsor decals. A recent test drive by a Bonhams specialist was indeed very enjoyable, and the car performed exceptionally well. Eligible for many high-profile tours and racing events - including the Tour Auto - this Alpine A110 1600S Group IV deserves serious consideration.

Saleroom notices

Please note, this car is fitted with a 5-speed manual transaxle, as is factory correct for the model.

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