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2015 EVO X Street Legal Track Day/TT4

Posted by justinlewis1000 about 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Up for sale is my 2015 Mitsubishi Evo X. I've had a lot of fun with it, but I've decided to move on to other motorsports. I am the original owner and I've put all 24,360 miles on the car. I've maintained this car like it was the last one I would ever buy and it shows in the way the car runs and drives. The car has slowly evolved into it's current state as a street legal and registered DE/Track Day car. I had aspirations to race NASA TT4, so every modification kept that in mind. Most of the mods were done for driveability or reliability, as opposed to outright performance. For example, the engine oil cooler and upgraded intercooler are more geared towards on-track reliability than increasing power. That being said, the engine does have a conservative tune that puts around 305 HP to the wheels. There is also extensive weight savings with the removal of the front and rear impact bars, rear seats, airbags, and air conditioning. I estimate around 300 pounds of weight savings over stock. I'm pleased with how the car turned out. It consistently runs low two twenties at NCM, with an all time best of 2:20.82 ( This is typically the territory of much more expensive cars.

One item I'd like to highlight is how great this car is for motorsport. It is a very capable car, but it's also easy to drive. You can make mid-corner line corrections with the throttle without upsetting the car. I found it very easy and engaging to drive fast. Also of note, the camera system is included with the car. It is setup to read the throttle position, braking pressure, speed, RPM, and steering angle from the car's serial data system (CAN lines). The system also features a G-Force readout and a High-Precision GPS for track map overlays. It's set up for picture-in-picture with a front facing camera and a driver camera. This is easily reconfigured to a side-by-side and/or front & rear setup if desired.

By my math there's $16,707 worth of upgrades that I can remember, and probably a few more that have slipped my mind. Of course I'll never recoup that money plus the cost of the car, I just point that out to demonstrate the value of the car. Also, every single stock part that was removed or replaced will be included with the car if the buyer should so desire. The stock wheels have a good set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports on them, and the Enkei's have a set of used Hoosiers. The full mods list is below. Take a look at that and send me an offer for what you think would be a fair price.

$2495 - Ohlins Road & Track Coilovers 10k front / 12k rear
$551 - Hotchkis Adjustable Swaybar Set
$199 - Hotchkis Adjustable Rear Endlinks
$123 - WhiteLine Adjustable Front Endlinks
$232 - Whiteline Front Roll Center Bump Steer Correction Kit

$149 - Stop Tech Rotors Front
$138 - Stop Tech Rotors Rear
$50 - Stop Tech Stainless Braided Rear Brake Lines
$68 - Stop Tech Stainless Braided Front Brake Lines
$454 - Girodisc Raybestos ST43 Brake Pads - Full Set

$825 - Sparco 008441FNR Black Evo II US
$825 - Sparco 008281FNR Black Evo II
$280 - 2x SEAT BASE - 600 SERIES
$150 - 2x Side Mount Set For Sparco Seat
$400 - 2x BRAUM 6 Point Racing Harness FIA Certified Seat Belt Camlock Black
$600 - Autopower Rollbar

$2620 - Race Logic HD2 Camera/GPS/Timing System
$350 - Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release Adapter
$175 - Works Bell Short Hub - 818S (Mitsubishi EVO X)
$250 - Sparco 345 Steering Wheel - Black Suede
$158 - Lightweight HeaterĀ 
$325 - AEM Wideband Air/Fuel & Boost Failsafe Gauge

$658 - Moroso Evo X 4B11 Race Baffled Billet Aluminum Oil Pan
$500 - MAP Oil Cooler
$439 - Torque Solution 4 Piece Engine Mount Kit
$98 - Torque Solution Solid Differential Bushing w/ Urethane Inserts
$41 - Torque Solution Drive Shaft Carrier Bearing Support Bushings
$950 - Full Race 3.5" Intercooler
$229 - STM Tuned Stainless Cat Delete
$450 - Full Race Catback

$1270 - Enkei RPF1 Wheels
$400 - SSP Aluminum Undertray
$220 - EVO X RS Intake/Fog Light Delete
$35 - ARP Extended Wheel Studs

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