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Spec MX-5 Race Cars: 2 Remain

Posted by WindingRoad about 2 years, 1 month ago

The Class

Spec MX-5 is a new class created by Mazda for NC generation Mazda MX-5s. Spec MX-5 Challenge is the pro racing series for NC-generation Mazda MX-5s. The Challenge is a true spec series, running to the Spec MX-5 Challenge rule set and Spec MX-5 technical formula. For more information on the series visit

Used Spec MX-5 Cars: 2 Remaining

A limited number of used 2018 Spec MX-5 v1 race cars are available. New build cost for these cars was $40,000. 10 2018 cars have been sold with this special pricing in anticipation of large Spec MX-5 fields in 2020. A $2000 credit toward equipment, upgrades or services is included with each car.

Engine Bay

Mazda MZR engine with upgraded valve springs

Mazdaspeed cold air intake

Mazdaspeed header

Mazdaspeed exhaust

Custom ECU tune

Koyorad radiator

Mazdaspeed oil cooler


6-speed transmission with Spec MX-5 ratios

Spec MX-5 bushing kit

ACT Mazdaspeed clutch and pressure plate

Limited slip differential

Differential brace


Penske 2-way adjustable dampers

Mazdaspeed springs

Mazdaspeed sway bars

Mazdaspeed hubs and bearings


Rebuilt Mazda calipers

Mazdaspeed rotors

Mazdaspeed brake duct kit

Pagid Racing pads

Wheels and Tires

Mazda OEM MX-5 wheels (one set)

Yokohama Advan Spec MX-5 dry tires


Spec MX-5 SCCA and NASA compliant roll cage

OMP HTE-R halo seat

Sabelt harness

Sabelt steering wheel

NRG hub

AFFF mechanical pull fire system

Racequip window net

Spec MX-5 rear firewall and transmission tunnel


Spec MX-5 ballast system


MyLaps transponder

AiM Solo 2 DL data system

Spec MX-5 data mounting system

AiM SmartyCam GP HD video system

Special Price:  $26,800 including $2000 Winding Road Racing credit

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