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A-MAC AM-6 P2 Sports Racer

Posted by EricOBrien about 5 months, 1 week ago
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FOR SALE – 1999 A-MAC AM-6 P2/DSR SportsRacer

$12,500 Car; $14,000 Car + all spares

Purchased in 2003 and converted to 2001 Yamaha R1 and Penske shocks.

The chassis is chrome moly tubing and the car has never suffered any chassis or suspension damage.  The roll bar is extra tall allowing for larger/taller drivers to fit without issue (I’m 6’2” and “a little” over 220 lbs and fit with ease.)  It is easy to drive fast, and is very consistent and predicable. 

Racing as infrequently as I do (~1-2x/year) because of work and family commitments, I have achieved 5 class victories and multiple podiums in this car, including the 2018 Sonoma Major.   I have turned a 1:47.0 at Thunderhill, a 1:37.0 at Sears Point/Sonoma, and a 1:30.6 at Laguna Seca. 

It would be hard to go faster for less money. 

The A-MAC car was designed by Bob Fox and built by A-MAC Fabrication.  Support for the car is available through multiple sources.  The basic design was intended to be simple enough to be maintained and replacement pieces fabricated in any reasonable home shop.  The car can be converted to an inboard push rod suspension and that design is available. 

Additionally, the car is wired for a GoPro Hero3/3+ to have the camera powered without need for batteries and will not kill power to the GoPro when the ignition is cut to make sure you capture your racing memories.

Suspension Spares:

Front suspension links and rod ends, including set configured for droop limiting (not yet installed)

1 front TDS/Fast Forward upright

1 rear TDS/Fast Forward upright

Fiat hubs (F & R)

Wheel bearings

Engine / Drive / Braking Spares:

2x 15T sprocket

2x 16T sprocket

1x 45T sprocket

1x 44T blank

2x chains

2x Starters

Extra deep oil pan (would require engine to be raised)

Water pump

Engine gasket sets

Barnett pressure plate and springs

Clutch slave cylinder

Oil filters

Fuel filters

Spare Girling Master Cylinders and rebuild kits

1 axle set of brake pads

Other spares:

Spare nose – fits nicely but needs some TLC

Extra splitter w/template to make more

1 set of Keizer bullet-hole wheels with rain tires currently mounted

All the extra bolts / nuts / washers that I’ve purchased over the years

Shock replacement links to be able to roll car with shocks removed for cleaning/servicing

If you would like to discuss, please give me a text/call at: 408-497-3946 or PM me.


Eric O’Brien – 408-497-3946 –

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