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Quasar vintage racers. Lifetime collection.

Posted by about 5 months, 2 weeks ago
$10,000 to $49,000 depending on what you want.

I designed and built the successful Quasar race cars starting in 1968.  I am now too old to race so I will sell anything or everything.  I have 2 Quasar sports racers including the 1970 SCCA SP champion road tested by Road & Track.  It won all the 1970 National races with DSR track records at Riverside and Ontario.  Total car weight is 800 lb. wet.  Aluminum monocoque chassis, top speed 140 mph at Datona.  The car is together as last raced and includes a lifetime of spare parts.  Hewland 6-speed and Alan Fraser Sunbeam Imp racing engine.  90 hp at 9000 rpm on dyno.

The other Quasar is apart and includes Datsun racing engine with dual Webers, Hewland 6-speed, and many spares.  Also I have spare body parts and major tooling.  Complete reproducable drawing set for the car plus 100 print drawing set. 

I will sell each car separately or everything I have. 

Go into the Quasar vintage racer manufacturing business for only $49,000.  This includes both cars, tooling spares, and factory drawings.  Contact Fred Puhn at (619)475-1155 or  425 Shell Ave., National City, CA 91950.

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