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E36 1994 BMW 318i ST5, TT5, GTS2 Race Car For Sale

Posted by locsidotcom about 5 months, 2 weeks ago

For sale is a 1994 BMW 318i ST5/TT5/GTS2 race car. This car was built to be nationally competitive in NASA ST5/TT5 and can easily crossover to compete in other classes like NASA GTS2 or ST4/TT4. This car currently holds four track records in PTE/TTE and won the 2016 NASA TTE Eastern State Championship. This car has multiple race wins and regional championships and is ready for the next owner to hop in and compete at the front. Below are some details on the car:

  • Rotisserie build with all undercoating and seam sealer removed and engine bay, chassis and trunk fully seam welded. Underbody coated and protected with Macropoxy. This chassis is stiff and light! Lowest recorded competition weight with driver was 2430 pounds. Currently runs ballasted to 2800 pounds.
  • Chassis reinforcement has been done throughout the car including: rear subframe mounts, rear trailing arm bushing pockets, rear shock tower, rear sway bar mounts, front subframe reinforcement, front strut tower reinforcement plates and front subframe to chassis x-brace.
  • Aluminium rear subframe and differential bushings.
  • Vorshlag nylon motor mounts and polyurethane transmission mounts.
  • M52 aluminium block with M50 manifold swap and s50 cams. Aluminium block is approximately 50 pounds lighter than the common iron block and allows this car to maintain the balance it had with the original M42 engine. Engine has been dynoed at 189 WHP. Oil pump nut has been safety wired and a baffle has been welded into the stock pan. All gaskets and vacuum lines were replaced when engine swap was completed.
  • Car has a current NASA log book and features a Mark McMahan-built six point cage with rear shock tower reinforcements. Mark is an artist and the fit of this cage always amazes me when I hop in the car. The driver’s side features a “NASCAR” style door bar which affords plenty of protection and space for the driver. Chassis is ready to accept rear coilover suspension mounts. Interior paint is brushed on rustoleum and is functional, but not show quality.
  • Alignment and corner balancing last completed September of 2018.
  • Wiring harness has been fully stripped and simplified. Makes diagnosing of electrical issues simpler and removed over 20 pounds from the car.
  • Suspension includes MCS single adjustable coilovers with 800F/900R eibach springs, ground control camber plates, Ground Control rear spring perches and AKG rear shock mounts.
  • Includes one set of 15”x9” 5x130 Jongbloed racing wheels with 225/45/15 Hoosier R7 tires. Includes 5x120 to 5x130 wheel adapters for optimum track width.
  • All ball joints, bushings and control arms have been replaced on the car when it was built.
  • Rear and rear side lexan windows. These are still functional, but starting to show their age. I’d plan to replace within the next year to improve visibility.
  • Bimmerworld front window defroster.
  • NASCAR COT wing with custom lightweight wing mounts.
  • Front chassis-mounted splitter with stanchions.
  • Custom vented front fenders and vented hood to help lower drag.
  • Sunroof panel has been lightened and secured via leakproof brackets.
  • VDO oil pressure, oil temperature and coolant temperature gauges
  • Stewart water pump
  • Clutch and pressure plate replaced November 2017
  • Aerocatch hood pins on hood and trunk
  • Lightweight fiberglass headlight blanks. Headlight wiring is still in place if you want to go night time endurance racing.
  • Relocated “euro” style radiator expansion tank
  • 4 pole battery disconnect kill switch with alternator protection
  • ZHP 5-speed shift knob
  • MOMO steering wheel with hub spacer
  • Current date drivers window net and side net
  • Fire extinguisher


  • Car currently has typical e36 slow power steering reservoir fluid leak.
  • This car has has been raced for several years and shows it. This is not a show car. The clear coat is peeling on several body panels. The paintwork I have done on the sunroof panel and front fenders is a poor color match. There are scratches and dents on several panels. This car has never been in a wall, but has gone off track several times and made contact with other race cars. The spare tire wheel well has a dent, the rear driver side fender area is bent and the passenger frame rail has been slightly bent forward of the shock tower. The car aligns perfectly and passes the 50-50 rule with flying colors.
  • Windshield has a crack and small chips. The new owner may want to replace it.

Available spares package (I estimated this out to be about $4000 worth of stuff if bought individually. I’m offering it for a little over $1000 to save myself time from listing these items individually.):

  • Interior and underbody touch up paint/epoxy.
  • Lightweight battery
  • Homemade Engel cool suit cooler
  • Ballast weight
  • Low drag alternative radiator setup (needs ducting fabricated) includes AFCO Racing Scirocco radiator.
  • Cobra Suzuka seat
  • Seat back brace
  • VAC aluminium seat mounts
  • Current Crow 6 point racing harness
  • 3.15:1 medium case LSD
  • 3.15:1 medium case open diff
  • 4:44:1 small case LSD (rare)
  • Spare M50 motor (has sat for three years, may need rebuild)
  • (2) spare getrag 5-speed transmissions
  • Spare trunk and all four door panels in Boston Green
  • Original front fenders in good condition
  • New aftermarket front fender liners
  • Unpainted aftermarket front bumper cover
  • Front bumper beam
  • Brand new brake booster
  • Several tail lights
  • Steering column
  • Headlights
  • Tan dashboard
  • M50 intake manifold
  • Drive shaft
  • Used control arms
  • Brake calipers
  • Rear suspension pullouts including trailing arms, control arms, brake rotors, brake calipers
  • Axles
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Fuel rail
  • Gauge cluster
  • Steering rack
  • ABS pump
  • Fuel pump
  • (2) Race fuel jugs
  • (5) 15x7 e34 mesh style wheels with transport tires
  • (4) 15x7 e34 mesh style wheels without tires
  • (4) 15x7 SSR type c wheels with 3 heat cycle old 205-50-15 BFG Rival S tires
  • (4) 15x7 Kosei K1 wheels with 3 heat cycle old 205-50-15 Maxxis RC-1 tires
  • (4) 15x7 e34 mesh style wheels with 1 heat cycle old 205-50-15 Hoosier H20 tires
  • (4) 15x7 Kosei K1 wheels with 3 heat cycle old 225-50-15 BFG R1S tires

For reference, below are some times set in PTE/TTE trim. These times were set with the car restricted to below 154 WHP and running from 2680-2800 pounds with a 205 Hoosier R7 tire. For some of these times, the car had aero and some did not. The car is setup now as fast as it has ever been.

  • 2:37.6 - Sebring, October 2017
  • 1:40.8 - Mid-Ohio (Pro Course), August 2017
  • 1:36.9 - Autobahn Country Club South, July 2017
  • 1:44.9 - Gingerman (Long Course), June 2017
  • 2:01.2 - Pitt Race (Full), June 2017
  • 2:14.9 - Watkins Glen, September 2016
  • 2:44.1 - Road America, May 2016
  • 2:15.8 - VIR, September 2016

Price for just the car is $12,250. Price for the car and the spares package is $13,500. Feel free to contact me via private message or via text/phone at 608-334-7170.

I also have for sale an open aluminium Trailex trailer and a 2008 Toyota Sequoia. I can also make any or all of these items available as part of a package to the buyer of the car.

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