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Ligier JS P3 - LMP3 Testing Program 2019

Posted by WindingRoad about 1 year ago

If you're interested in testing a Ligier LMP3 car, expert driver coach and author of "Speed Secrets", Ross Bentley, is working with the guys at Speed Group at MSR Houston to help a few drivers do just that. This is not an amusement park ride, or just a bucket list thing, but if you're serious about taking your driving to the next level and seeing what a prototype sports car is like, let Ross know.

For additional information about the car, track and testing opportunity, go to

The cost is $21,000 for a day, and that includes coaching with Ross Bentley (pre-testing preparation and at-track). You'll get practically all the laps you can handle (there's a physical limit to how much a driver can take in a day in a high-downforce car like this), along with tires, crew, engineering, data/video, etc.

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