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Competitive 997 PCA/GTB3 Porsche 997 Race Car

Posted by danieldoman about 1 year, 3 months ago

PCA Race car for sale.

2006 911 Classed as GTB3 (3.8/X51) 

Competitive, very well set up, fast and ready to race

Fanatically maintained by Bodymotion Racing, NJ

No expense spared


2006 Carrera, built and raced by Marcus racing and then by Rebel Rock racing

Engine replaced with my 3.6/X51 when I bought car

First raced as PCA/GTB1 / 3.6

Rebuilt engine to 3.8/X51 and PCA/GTB3 (see below)

Engine & Transmission:

Bavaro Built engine rebuild to full race spec 3.8/X51. No expense spared. With Block by Vision, Alloy sleeves, Coated L&N pistons, IMS, aircraft hardware holding block and heads. Much, much more. (5 races on original build). Refreshed 2017 

Bavaro ECU flash for GTB3 / 100 octane

** Flash and engine pulls past 7800, but I shift generally at 7200-7400

New Transmission one year (maybe 3 races)

New Guard LSD with custom ramp angles (Bavaro Built, 3 races)

Axels new 3 years ago. Maybe 6-7 races

Had been running engine oil Redline,  switched to Joe Gibbs

New transmission cooler, lines and radiators (3 races).

Numeric Shifter with risers and Cup Cables

Motorsports AO seperator

Braille light weight Battery 

Straight pipes - no exhaust, with X-Pipe to give appropriate back pressure for engine (This car is very loud)

Suspension & Chassis

900/1000 springs

3 way JRZ shocks rebuilt by Tim Olsen

All rubber removed, solid mounts etc. Motorsports links. Solid transmission mount

Cup steering pump

GT3 front and rear brakes. Matching GT3 boost and bias valves

Braided brake lines etc (SRF)

Giro Rotors front and rear (Unused Pagid Red pads included)

Teves Motorsports ABS (switch to disable) ** Car can out brake everything around

Dry Break Fuel system - Good for at least 17 gallons under race conditions

Bullet studs replaced every two years

Lexan front windshield with support braces. (Rear window is glass)

HID headlights for night racing

Getty Cup wing with Demon Sports extensions for max legal height.

AeroCatch front hood pins

Full GrandAm cage with extra diagonal reinforcement

Note: GrandAm cage cross brace precludes passenger seat. This can be modified for second seat if desired.

Weight: A 2850 loaded. Fairly easy to take another 100 off when class permits. Makes 911/GTB3 class weight with 1/4 tank and driver



USB port for AIM MXL data download instead of custom AIM cable

Switch for AIM dash & camera (to avoid unnecessary recording of paddock maneuvers, unloading etc) 

AIM Brake pressure sensor 


Wired for Motorola Radio with IMSA harness and Shark Fin antenna (Radio not included, but can program a replacement to suit. You can buy my brand new CM300D (Digital) for $500 if that would be more convenient)

Mild dish wheel with PTT button on wheel

Cool Suit system with box in front boot

Switch for Cool suit

Recaro Halo seat with Brey Krause back brace (seat shows wear from window net)

Longacre wide mirror

Interior window net


2 sets FIKSE 3 piece wheels

1 set CCW forged wheels

1 set OZ forged wheels for rain tires

Car cover

Rennline tie down hooks front and rear for firm chassis tie down during transport

Rennline two hooks front and rear

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