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BMW S54 3.4-Liter Race Engine w/ Transmission

Posted by WindingRoad about 7 months, 2 weeks ago

This BMW S54 straight-six was rebuilt by Fletcher Made Horsepower in 2015 and is sold with a Tilton clutch, a Turner Motorsports custom-tuned Bosch SM4 engine management system, and a ZF 5-speed transmission built by Jim Blanton. The engine came from a 2001 BMW M Coupe acquired by the seller four years ago. A year later, the block received new pistons, rods, bearings, and a rebuilt cylinder head. Dynamometer testing in 2016 registered 417 horsepower and 313 lb-ft of torque at the crank. The rebuilt engine has since been driven 2,500 miles, a quarter of which was on the track. This powertrain package cost the seller over $18k to build is now being offered with $16k in additional parts and a bill of sale out of New Hampshire.

In 2015, Chris Fletcher of Fletcher Made Horsepower was commissioned to build this S54 race engine. $17k in parts included: an OEM crankshaft which was custom ground to 3.4-liters and nitrated, an OEM baffled oil pan, as well as:

  • Carilllo piston rods
  • CP-Carillo pistons
  • FMH rod bearings
  • FMH main bearings
  • FMH O-rings and seals
  • FMH injectors
  • OEM harmonic balancer

An OEM head was ported, given and a CNC-machined three-angle valve job. FMH assembled the head with reconditioned OEM throttle bodies and installed:

  • BMW valves
  • FMH valve spring kit
  • Head gasket
  • BMW Motorsports 288/280 cams
  • DLC Coated OEM rocker arms
  • Head Bolts

A VAC CSL-style carbon fiber cold air intake is also included in the sale.

The ZF 5-speed manual transmission was built by Jim Blanton and has about 10k miles of use. It was mated to the engine before and after the rebuild. Also included are a Tilton 7 3/4″ ceramic clutch and flywheel, both of which were installed following the engine rebuild in 2015. In 2016, a dynamometer measured the engine output at 417 horsepower. Engine management comes from the included Bosch SM4 ECU from Turner Motorsports.

Extra parts included in the sale are as follows:

  • New VAC billet oil filter housing
  • VANOS timing system rebuilt with Beisan Systems
  • New Supersprint V1 stepped headers
  • New 180 amp alternator
  • New AKG urethane race motor and transmission mounts
  • Turner Motorsports oil pan temp sensor flange
  • OEM engine wire harness modified with extended coil section
  • OEM throttle pedal with linkage, new potentiometer, and wire harness
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