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1967 Ferrari P4 Replica

Posted by WindingRoad about 1 year, 1 month ago

Location: Sylvania, Ohio

Seller’s Description:

Without a strong command of one's native language, a car this provocative is difficult to describe without a “colorful metaphor” or two.

The 1960's Ferrari P3 and P4 race cars where undoubtedly sexy hand crafted speed machines. Replicas come in a few flavors and this one is a most unique and exceptional example and value. As a long time vintage racer and car collector, I know my words to follow will be blasphemous to the Tifosi, but they are true. If Ferrari had built their cars in the 60's like this replica, they may not have been trounced by the Ford GT's at LeMans. They likely even would have had better luck at Indy and in Can-Am. I know, we aren't supposed to talk about that though..

The original Ferrari race cars were steel tube frames with a hand formed aluminum body. This replica is an exceptionally well executed aluminum monocoque chassis with composite bodywork. The monocoque is built strong enough for long term street use and I am very impressed by all of the aluminum machine work of the billet uprights and bulkheads, etc. A very well engineered and executed car indeed. The transaxle is derived from the Porsche 930 turbo gearbox and is a syncromesh four speed with proper ratios to be both streetable and for its power and speed range. A wonderful piece of German engineering.

Now for the true blasphemy, but hang on until the end. It has an LS3 engine from GM such as would be from a newer Corvette. Here's the deal. I had originally intended to take the LS3 out and replace it with a 360 Modena or even a 550 Maranello engine, but then it hit me. Why on earth would I do that?! The LS3 is lighter, more powerful, sounds incredible and actually looks good too. One could even easily put on individual throttle bodies with aluminum velocity stacks for an incredible period look and sound! The electronic fuel injection it already has makes it spot on though. So I've gone over the car, ceramic coated the exhaust white as would have been in period, wrinkle finished the valve covers, and moved away much of the electronics from view as well as some other good aspects in practice.

This car is certainly not for a novice driver as it is brutally fast. However, it is easy to drive well. It would be ideal for track days, but I can attest to getting fast food in it as well. The pedal box is everything you'd want from a racing and high performance car. Toe heel downshifting is a breeze, the gas pedal gives great resolution, the brake pedal is high and with great feel, and the clutch is fast and easy to modulate. The syncro transaxle shifts beautifully and good grief it's fast! It even cools well just sitting there idling.

A Norwood replica of one of these with a period, but not exact V12 is over 300k

Lesser replicas with any Ferrari engine is still around 200k

So, are you bottom line business race driver type individual that wants a sexy car which can beat up Ford GT's or do you want a complicated paper weight for 364.8 days of the year?

Brilliantly and blasphemously priced at $94,900. For that price, you too could replace the LS3 with a Ferrari engine and still be ahead. You just won't want to... Sorry Tifosi, I still adore your cars.

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