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Original 1998 Panoz GTWC

Posted by ruli about 1 year, 2 months ago
Price on Request

Selling my Panoz race car.  This car is a blast at the track.  Great for track days or racing.  Former Panoz Racing Series Spec Race car.  Apparently the only GTWC in its original form, specs, color and shape.  Also now vintage eligible with some race groups, (HSR, SVRA), and also run with NASA, PBOC, etc.  Original gel coat and paint.  Original WC series decals.  NOT a GTRA Panoz Racing School Car.  This type has the reinforced frame for slick use and racing purposes.  Great condition.  Impeccable, original 4.6 Cobra engine.  Dynoed at 330 engine Hp.  These engines are a workhorse.  Designed for high performance, reliability and low maintenance.  Tremec 5 speed transmission.  Dry track: 18"x9” BBS alloy wheels with Toyo Proxes RR LL, 275-35R18.  Wet track: American Racing TorqThrust wheels, front -17x9", rear, 18x10".  Michelin Super Sport, front, 245/40ZR-17, rear, 285/35ZR18.  Brembo brake calipers, 6 pistons front, 4 pistons rear.  Carbotech pads.  Performance friction floating brake rotors.  Steel braided lines.  Wilwood adjustable brake bias brake master cylinders.  Very tight, precise suspension all over.  Full float Ford 9" rear axle with Watts linkage.  Penske racing shocks. Autometer tachometer, water temp and oil pressure gauges.  32 Gallon fuel cell.  Optima Red Top battery.  Sparco PRO 2000 race seat.  5-point Crow harness.  Pi data logger.  Many books, manuals, records, receipts and log books.  Includes generous lot of spares (2 full 27-gal totes), an extra set of new Carbotech brake pads and two extra BBS 18”x9” wheels.  Excellent track day car. Designed and built to be fast, reliable, safe, and cheap to run.  Runs on pump gas.  Easy to maintain and repair. Very little maintenance required.  All parts are still available and affordable.  Very special vehicle.  Soon, a collector’s item.  Autographed by Brian Redman in 2008.  Currently in Seattle, WA.

Notes on parts and recent maintenance:

- Dry Toyos bought in April 2017.  Used one track day only.

- Wet Michelins bought in 2014.  Used in 3 track days.

Below items were installed new in 2015.  Two track days since:

- New timing chains and guides replaced as preventive maintenance.

- New front wheel spindles

- New rear axle seals and watts link.  Gears inspected.

- New Wilwood brake master cylinders and reservoirs.

- New fuel cell foam (ATL) and fuel filter.

- New Sparco seat cover, seat sliders and Crow 5-point harness.

- New exhaust piping and mufflers (Stainless steel 3” Magnaflow).

- New inertia fuel pump shut-off switch.

- New K&N air filter and sock.

- New double intake Moroso breather.

- New coolant hoses.  All replaced as preventive maintenance.

- New Steeda underdrive pulley set.

- New alternator.

- New rear spoiler uprights.  Higher.  Farther back.

- New staggered, removable air dam to lower the front of the body an additional 1.5".  Now flush with the bottom the chassis.

- New warning light and sensors for high water temp and low oil pressure.

- Replaced fire suppression bottle.

- Plus all the regular fluid replacements.  Amsoil lubes all-around.  Wheel bearings packed with Ford lithium moly grease.

I run cooling system at atmospheric pressure with 50/50 Prestone long life.  Just tighten the cap and run it pressurized, if you want.  180 deg thermostat.  Engine runs at 185-195 degrees at the track.

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