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1968 Lola T160

Posted by WindingRoad about 1 year, 2 months ago

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Seller’s Description:

This immaculate 1968 Lola T160 is #12 of 12 built and is the only surviving 160 that retains the original tub and body. The car has been lovingly cared for and meticulously maintained over its lifetime and has received various upgrades to improve safety and performance while retaining the key attributes that make Can-Am cars so special. Weighing in at just over 1600# and sporting 670HP from its LBP built, all aluminum small block Chevrolet engine, this vehicle exhibits the performance and speed that made Can-Am racing the most exciting series in road racing. The car has been competitively raced as recently as fall of 2017 and is equally suitable for vintage racing or in a serious collector's showroom. The Lola T160 is the successor to the T70 and was developed to allow the use of higher horsepower engines and much larger tires.


In late 1967 this car was purchased from Carl Haas (the Lola factory importer) by John Crean for James Garner's American International Racers (AIR) Team, who had been successfully running T 70s in endurance racing. The car was never used as the team ran Gurney Eagle F 5000 cars instead in the L&M series. It was sold in 1976 to Ron Dahl who never raced the car.

In 1978 Tony Seinenger who ran a few SCCA, A/SR races bought it. Dan Martin bought the car in 1981 and he ran it in the early days of the CA Historics (Steve Earl).

In 1988 it was sold to Lief Nielson in Sweden who put it in a museum. However the car was repossessed by a bank in 1990 and in 1991 was bought by Jack Boxstrom. Jack brought it back to the US but never raced it, in 1993 he sold it to Harry Bytzek in Canada. Harry raced it twice and in late 1997 and then sold #12 to Reg Howell. Reg had the engine rebuilt and ran the car with Targa 66, HMSA and HSR. Reg sold the car to Todd Glyer in 2006. Todd campaigned the car in HMSA races.


Chevrolet Small Block

377 ci

Lucas Kinsler timed mechanical fuel injection

670 hp

Built by Lozano Brothers Porting (LBP)

Fuel System

High and low pressure electric fuel pumps feed the Kinsler injection system.

Cooling System

original aluminum rad

Setrab aluminum oil cooler

Electrical System



Hewland LG 500 4 spd

Final Drive

Hewland in unit with gearbox

Upgraded drive axles with Porsche CV joints


original Lola panels (GRP), superb condition


monocoque high strength alloy

Dampers: Upgraded Koni double adjustable shocks

Front Suspension: dual wishbone coilover

Rear Suspension: dual wishbone, top link, coilover

Steering: Lola rack

Brakes: Upgraded AP racing calipers with new bedded rotors and pads. 

Wheels: original Lola Mag wheels(for show). For racing Lola Mag 15x10 frnt, 14 rear. Both slicks and treaded (SVRA Group 5) Avons

Weight: 1600lb


finished seats in Black

Smiths water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure

Stack classic tach

Halon fire system

6 point Simpson harness (black)

Cool suit system

Price: $295,000

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