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No Frankenstein! Factory Race Car - Lotus 2-11

Posted by Tapeman about 1 year, 3 months ago

Street cars converted into race cars are cool for awhile, but eventually they are a puzzle.  Who knows what parts of the wiring harnesses and the various computers were left in what condition? Only the original builder, if he can remember.  Sooner or later unless you have a full time Dr. Frankenstein, you will want to move to a factory build racecar, with factory simplified wiring, wiring diagrams, minimal computers, and no extra switches.  The Lotus 2-11 is one of the coolest and easiest to maintain and drive factory built Gentleman race cars ever built! Experienced racers know weight is the enemy, and the 2-11 weighs in at a lightweight 1477 lbs, BUT, it is a lightweight with a middleweight's punch: power comes from the Supercharged 252-horsepower Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine. The combination results in an amazing 5.86 lbs. per horsepower! To put that into perspective, a new Porsche Cup Car has a power to weight ratio of 5.53 lbs/hsp. The 2-11 can zoom from 0 - 60 in a scant 3.5 seconds, but that is not the story. The story is the 2-11's handling. 2-11s handle like they are on rails. Never-raced, low hours 2-11s are almost impossible to find, which makes this 2-11 so special - it has NEVER been RACED, and it has low-low hours. "But wait, theres more!" this 2-11 has $14,910 in various improvements done by VSA Motorsports in Van Nuys CA. VSA improved the already amazing chassis, brakes and exhaust, installed an AIM dash and camera system, and strengthened a few other things making an already great car even better. Furthermore it is in excellent condition. Rare Lotus' are often eligible to compete in many Vintage Racing Organizations, and of course it is eligible for NASA, SCCA, etc. events. 
Because so few were made, and even fewer were not raced, it is a pretty good bet to increase in value in the future while providing a fun, fast, and safe Track Day Race Car in the present.

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