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No Frankenstein! - Factory Ford Race Car for Sale

Posted by Tapeman about 1 year, 3 months ago

Street cars converted into race cars are cool for awhile, but eventually they are a puzzle.  Who knows what parts of the wiring harnesses and the various computers were left and in what condition were they left? Only the original builder, if he can remember.  Lets face it, few converted street cars start out as prime street cars.  Most were very used before conversion.  Sooner or later unless you have a full time Dr. Frankenstein you will want to move to a factory built racecar, with factory simplified wiring, wiring diagrams, minimal computers, and no extra switches.  This virtually BRAND NEW 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302S FACTORY Race Car with less than 20 hours of operation is No Frankenstein! It is a beautiful car was one of the most highly optioned cars ordered, loaded with all the "R" goodies except welded seems, but with the cool "S" things like the Carbon-fiber wing, it originally cost $112,000. Number 013 is of the same "vintage" with which Paul Brown won the Pirelli World Challenge in 2011, tying Parnelli Jone's win record, and resulting in Ford deciding to build a limited number of 50 factory Boss race cars per year. Like the Shelby GT350R race cars of old, this beautiful, easy to maintain, virtually brand-new Boss 302S is sure to be a collector car in the future while being a perfect track day car in the present!  $64,000.

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