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BMW E90 Ex-WC SCCA Race Car

Posted by eduardopellerano about 11 months, 2 weeks ago

The Car on sale is ex-Bimmer World WC #38 race car, 6 speed Xtrac sequential trans., 2.5L N52 engine, 300HP at the wheel,  engine has been brought up to 12.5 : 1 CR as allowed by our CDCC rules, also has been widened 1” per side body and suspension; Suspension links manufactured by Jim Downing’s Shop in Atlanta, Rear body widening supplement incorporated with rear bumper all in carbon fiber; Front Fenders and Bumper all incorporated in one piece also in carbon fiber; Reinforced carbon fiber modified M3 air intake plenum with Modified ITB’s for use with single throttle body as per our rules. Carbon fiber dashboard and center console; Carbon Fiber doors, trunk and hood; Equipped as it raced in WC except radio. 3.9 ratio differential installed and 4.1 crown and pinion spare.

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