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Elan NP01 chassis #11

Posted by mrivard about 1 year, 5 months ago

For sale - $74k Elan NP01 chassis no. 11. I had a fantastic couple of years in this car but it is time to move on to the next endeavor. It is a really fast set up, far better than even when I won the NASA championship at WGI. The car has the MXG dash upgrade, air jacks, 3 sets of OZ spec legal wheels, radio harness with PTT and antenna, rear arb upgrade (not spec legal), rear view camera mounted. Fluids were changed between each event. 
There are two seats poured, one for a taller guy and one for a shorter guy so there is a possibility of having one fit. The performance speaks for itself, with record laps in both ST2/TT2 and NP01 at many tracks. Data available to get you up to the front without spending a season figuring out the car. This car won the 2016 NP01 championship and TT2 championship at WGI with Ben Anderson driving (1:57.587) the TT competition.
Other lap times:
NP01 spec 2:13.476 NCM,
TT2 2:10.399 NCM,
TT2 1:31.7 Road Atlanta (Ben Anderson), 
TT2 1:18.6 Hallett, 
TT2 1:54.7 High Plains, 
TT2 1:32.8 Barber (Ben Anderson), 
TT2 1:31.4 MidOhio (Ben Anderson), 
TT2 1:29.537 Hastings,
ST2 1:07.7 Heartland Park 1.8mile (Ben Anderson)

NASA Championship at COTA in September will be a great turnout. Race ST2 or NP01. 
We spent most of the season in ST2/TT2 with A7's, lap times on RR's are typically 2.5-4 seconds slower depending on track and ambient temp. Asking $79k - contact

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