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Auction: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA

Posted by WindingRoad about 1 year, 5 months ago


Outstanding Example of the Legendary Alfa Romeo GTA 1600

Documented in Tony Adriaensens’ Definitive Book Alleggerita

Raced with Success in Numerous Italian Events from 1966 to 1976

Restored in the 1980s by Roman Tucker and Meticulously Maintained Since

Beautifully Prepared and Actively Campaigned in Historic Events for 30 Years

1,551 CC DOHC Inline 4-Cylinder Engine

Twin Weber 45 DCOE Carburetors

Estimated 170 BHP at 7,500 RPM

5-Speed Manual Gearbox

4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Front Independent-Wishbone Suspension with Coil-Over Shock Absorbers

Rear Live Axle with Trailing Arms and Coil-Over Shock Absorbers


Società per la Distribuzione di Carburanti, Rome, Italy (acquired new in 1965)

Luigi Fiegl, Milan, Italy (acquired from the above in 1970)

Camillo Citterio, Meda, Italy (acquired from the above in 1974)

Sig. Litrico, Torino, Italy (acquired from the above in 1977)

Elvidio and Mario Grande, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (acquired circa 1980)

Armin McGrehan, Dearborn, Michigan (acquired from the above circa 1982)

Roman Tucker, Lapeer, Michigan (acquired in 1983)

Matthew Jones, Houston, Texas (acquired from the above in 1992)

Franco Vincino, Sonoma, California (acquired circa 1995)

Alan Frick, Pasadena, California (acquired in 1998)

Bob Dye, Westford, Massachusetts (acquired from the above in 2003)

Bob Paltrow, Armonk, New York (acquired circa 2006)

Private Collection, Utah (acquired circa 2007)

Current Owner (acquired from the above in 2009)


Vallelunga III Criterium dell’Ora, December 1966, Giunti, No. 214 (1st Overall)

Vallelunga Trofeo Sambuca Molinari, March 1967, Giunti, No. 80 (1st in Class)

Vallelunga Trofeo Marathon, April 1967, Giunti, No. 96 (1st Overall)

Vallelunga Trofeo Ettore Bettoja, October 1967, Giunti, No. 78 (1st in Class)

Vallelunga Auto Italiana 50, December 1967, Giunti

*Further race history can be found at


Numerous CSRG, HMSA, and General Racing Vintage Races (1989–2012)


Tony Adriaensens, Alleggerita, chassis no. listed

Martin Übelher and Patrick Dasse, Alleggerita Register, pp. 134–135

Maurizio Tabucchi, Alfa Romeo GTA: “leggera” e vincente, p. 191


The 1960s represented a second golden age for Alfa Romeo racing. Models such as the SZ, TZ, and TZ2, along with the tipo 33 prototypes, made Alfa Romeo a potent force on the world’s circuits. The exciting production racing classes were not ignored either, with the 105-series Giulia Sprint GT providing the base for a highly tuned racing version – the GTA. The “A” stood for alleggerita or “lightened.”

The GTA was successful in Europe and the US, winning numerous championships and class victories. Developed over nearly a decade, a variety of GTA variants were produced, though today, it is the original GTA 1600 that is most sought after by collectors, a credit to the model’s aesthetic purity and dual-purpose character.

According to factory records, this GTA, chassis 613274, was completed in June 1965, finished in Hawthorne White with black vinyl upholstery. It was then sold as a new car on December 31, 1965, to Società per la Distribuzione di Carburanti in Rome. As documented in Tony Adriaensens’ Alleggerita, this GTA was actively raced for a decade in numerous Italian circuit races and hill climbs.

Between 1966 and 1969, 613274 was campaigned with great success by Roman race team Squadra Angelini, driven primarily by Ignazio Giunti and Aldo “Baronio” Cerruti. In 1970, the GTA was sold to Luigi Fiegl of Milan, who raced the car for the next three seasons. From there, the Alfa was sold to Camillo Citterio of Meda, Italy, who entered it in events on rare occasions through 1976.In 1977, the GTA was sold to Sig. Litrico in Torino and then exported to the US in 1980 or 1981, where it was sold to Elvidio and Mario Grande of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1983, respected Alfa Romeo specialist Roman Tucker acquired 613274, the first of many GTAs that he would own, restore, and race. After a lengthy restoration, utilizing many NOS parts, Mr. Tucker began racing the car in historic events in 1989.

Over the past 30 years, this GTA has been dutifully maintained by respected collectors and campaigned in a variety of historic events organized by CSRG, HMSA, and General Racing. In the hands of the current owner, 613274 most recently participated in the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca in August 2012.

Today, it remains in impressive condition and is equipped with a numbered 1600 GTA engine, twin-plug cylinder head, close-ratio gearbox, limited-slip differential, sliding-block rear end, and Campagnolo alloy wheels. Prepared for contemporary vintage racing, it also features a fuel cell, fire system, roll bar, competition seats, and safety harnesses.

A marvelous example of Alfa Romeo’s legendary 1960s homologation special, this GTA is worthy of serious consideration.

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