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2016 Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Race Car

Posted by technovc about 1 year, 8 months ago

For sale is MX-5 Cup chassis number 34. Winding Road Racing ran this car in the 2016 and 2017 Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup series presented by BF Goodrich. In addition to the MX-5 Cup series, the car can be run in the Pirelli World Challenge TCA series.

This car has all 2016 and 2017 technical service bulletin updates (over 40). The car has an OMP HTE-R seat, Safecraft window net and Schroth center net installed. Optionally, we can supply the car with the equipment needed for either MX-5 Cup or PWC competition (e.g. safety light system and correct wheels/tires).

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The Mazda Global MX-5 Cup car is a purpose-built race car from 2016 / 2017 Mazda MX-5 known as the “ND” or fourth generation Miata.  All cars are built from white, Club trim level new cars exclusively by Long Road Racing in Statesville, NC, just north of Charlotte.  (  

The car is completely disassembled, tub is cleaned of seam sealer and sound deadening material, and an FIA, SCCA and NASA approved roll cage is TIG welded into the car.  The cage contains complete NASCAR-style door bars on both sides of the car (making it the ultimate HPDE driver / instructor car) and is tied together across the firewall through the interior of the dash leaving a neat appearing and fully functional dash.  After roll cage completion, the cage and tub of the car are painted with automotive single stage grey paint and baked to a hard finish in an auto paint booth.  Custom colors are available at an additional cost.  

After cage installation and paint, the car is assembled with over 250 race car-specific parts.  The parts added to the car provide handling, endurance, safety and power enhancement specifically designed for the car after hundreds of hours and thousands of miles of both on-track and lab testing by automotive mechanical engineers and professional race car drivers.  Component sealing and authentication tracking is done for parity in the various racing series in which the car competes and includes the Global MX-5 Cup series, Pirelli World Challenge TCA, SCCA and NASA.

The complete list of parts added to the race car can be found in the Global MX-5 Cup car Homologation Document (included on a USB stick with the car along with several other documents including the User's Guide) - the highlights are listed below.


  • Sealed SKYACTIV-G 2.0L four-cylinder engine

  • Sealed race specification ECU by GEMS

  • Stainless Steel race exhaust header and full exhaust system with muffler designed and manufactured by Kooks Racing Headers

  • Setrab engine oil cooler with race quality oil lines and fittings

  • Castrol Edge engine oil

  • Oversized C&R radiator

  • Coolant (non-glycol based)

  • Radiator protection screen

  • Long Road Racing engineered and manufactured cross brace upper strut bar


  • Sealed six-speed manual motorsports transmission with pump and Setrab cooler

  • Sealed limited-slip  differential with pump, Setrab cooler and thermal controller

  • Transmission and differential Castrol Syntrax fluids


  • Long Road Racing engineered front adjustable stabilizer bar

  • Adjustable front and rear sway bar links

  • Dynamic DSSV 2 way adjustable dampers 

  • Coil over race springs and helper springs

  • Torrington bearing spring perches

  • BFGoodrich(r) g-Force™ 215/610 - 17 slick tires

  • Rays Wheels lightweight forged aluminum 17” x 7.5” racing wheels  

  • MSI wheel studs and lug nuts


  • Stock Brembo 4 piston front calipers

  • Pagid brake pads 

  • Goodridge shielded flexible brake lines

  • Grooved rotors by Brembo

  • Castrol SRF brake fluid

  • Long Road Racing engineered and manufactured brake cooling ducts and hoses (fog light mounted)


  • FIA, SCCA, IMSA and NASA approved roll cageCenter mounted electronic control cluster

  • Cage specifications:  Laser cut and pre bent roll bars Most 6’4” (193 cm) tall driver capability; Long Road Racing designed symmetric roll cage design for left and right hand drive cars; Full NASCAR style door bars for both sides with finished and painted door cutouts; Grey automotive painted cage and interior for easy touch up; (Optional) interior and colors available for a additional charge

  • AiM MXL2 Data system.  (The optional AiM Smarty Cam can be installed at an additional cost.)

  • Max Papis Innovations (MPI) race steering wheel, custom design includes Mazda logo

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    NRG quick release steering wheel hub

    Panoramic rear view mirror

    FIA approved racing harness

    Left and right window nets

    Lifeline Electronic FIA approved fire system

    Fused electric circuits for additional equipment

    Solenoid controlled main power cutoff switchesRear bulk head enclosure at base of the windshield and center console.

    Artic White factory paint

  • Safecraft non-marring tow hooks

  • AMB Transponder with one year subscription

  • Battery Tender Lithium Ion battery mounted in the trunk


  • Vehicle homologation document containing all Mazda part numbers

  • Users Guide containing maintenance schedule and procedures

  • Bill of sale for off road use only (no title)

  • Race car component manufacturer documentation (tires, data system, fire suppression system, etc.)

Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) updates

  • Updated through end of MX-5 Cup 2017 season

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