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Ginetta G-57 Factory Refurbished 0 Miles

Posted by demetrio about 11 months, 1 week ago

2016 Ginetta G-57. 

Factory refurbished car with 0 miles on the clock.

Like new!! The car was totally refurbished by the Ginetta factory in the UK and it arrived recently to the US. New engine.  New gearbox, New dampers. New differential, etc.

0 miles of use since it was refreshed. 0 Miles on the clock

Priced to sell fast at 239,000 dollars.

The car includes the traction control option and 2nd seat prepared option. The price of 239,000 dollars also includes all the pit equipment, 4 sets of wheels (3 sets are brand new), 1 Motec-C-125 Data logger and some spare parts.

The car alone without options sells new for 225,000 Sterling Pounds or 295,000 US dollars FOB United Kingdom but this particular example refurbished by Ginetta is for sale at 239,000 dollars and it’s already in the USA, so no need to pay transportation, customs and insurance to bring it here. The car has several factory options installed and comes with all the pit equipment, 4 sets of wheels included (3 sets are brand new in the box). The car is race ready and absolutely perfect in all respects.

The car has significantly lower running costs than many other race cars. The engine is a Chevy LS3 developed by Ginetta so it is very easy to find parts in the US. The recommended engine rebuild interval is 15,000 KM. No need to have a crew to run it as a track day car.

This car is not for the faint hearted driver!  It’s the REAL DEAL!!

The Ginetta G57 is one of the fastest track machines on the market. Suited to all levels of driver, experience and ambition, it's the ultimate track day toy with eligibility to race in any open sportscar competition.

This prototype weighs in at under 900kgs and has 575 BHP. It is powered by a fearsome 6.2-litre V8 engine LS3 engine developed in-house at Ginetta HQ.  The car has celebrated success in the V de V and Creventic Prototype Series. With further acceptance into Dutch Supercar Superlights, Sportscar Challenge, NASA Championship, FARA Championship and Britcar Proto Series, demand is high.


Chevrolet LS3 6.2 litre V8

Xtrac 6 speed sequential transaxale

Megaline pneumatic paddle shift with auto throttle blip

Carbon monocoque

Carbon fibre crash structure

105 litre FIA approved fuel cell

Alcon Monoblock 6 pot caliper with 355mm vented discs

Dry break release coupling

Manually adjustable brake bias

Quick release steering wheel

Ohlins TTX dampers with 3rd element

Double wishbone

Common upright per axle

Dual element rear wing

Rear diffuser

Vortex generators on the front splitter

Skid blocks to reduce ride height

Regulation steel roll cage meeting

FIA safety standards

Motec PDM power control

Motec M150 ECU

Motec C125 Colour Display with data logging

Multifunctional steering wheel

Six point FIA approved safety harness

Adjustable steering column FIA approved fire extinguisher

Head rest and pedal box to suit driver up to 6' 4".

Braid forged aluminum 13"x 18" rims

Front Michelin 30/65/18 tyre

Rear Michelin 31/71/18 tyre

The equipment and spare parts included on the price are:

4X Sets of wheels (16x wheels in total. 3 sets are brand new).

Ride Height Measuring Equipment

Air Jack Lance

Set of brand new Brake Discs

Set of brand new Brake Pads

3 Air Jack Safety Prop

Wheel Socket

2 Run Up Wheels

2 Front Skate Assy

Rear Skate Assy

Set-up Nose Box

Rear Tracking mount

2 Rear Tracking Bar Assy

4 Hub Stands

2 Front set-up Wheel Assy

2 Rear set-up Wheel Assy

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