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2001 Diasio D962 Sports Racer

Posted by WindingRoad about 9 months, 1 week ago

Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada


The car being offered has all the outstanding safety features and ease of maintenance as a stock D962 with substantially increased reliability, performance, suspension and downforce aero additions and sophistication. Every aspect of the aerodynamics, suspension and driveline has been upgraded and improved. Over $100,000 has been spent collectively on this vehicle throughout its life on improving this vehicle. It is fast and fun to drive, stable with predictable handling. The car is always one of the fastest at track day and DE events. It is homologated in SCCA, legal for CSR, can be raced in NASA and a variety of other regional organizations.

Performance Data


Weight: 1223 lbs


Engine Builder: Suzuki

Manufacturer: Suzuki

Type: Hayabusa 1300GSX

Displacement: 1507

Induction: Suzuki Fuel Injection (Power commander Fuel Injection Kit)

Heads: Ported Suzuki

Crankshaft: 68mm stroke

Connecting Rods: Carrillo (D54705)

Pistons: JE Pistons (DJ7679

Camshaft: Yoshimura (DY54705)

Clutch: APE Tracking

Exhaust: Yoshimura

Total Time: 60

Yoshimura EMS with Custom map/ Konig Billet oil pan with swivel bearing pick up

Fuel System

Fuel Cell

Manufacturer: ATL Fuel Cell

Age: 2001

Capacity: 10 gallon

Fuel Pump: High output fuel pump

Fuel Type: premium

Oil/Water System

Water Rad Location: left mid chassis

Oil Cooler: Setrab oil cooler

Oil Cooler Location: right mid chassis

Electrical System

Battery: Gel

Computer: Yoshimura EMS


Manfacturer: Suzuki

Type: 6 speed sequential

Gears: 6

Shifter: Diasio

Rear End

Manufacturer: Winters Mini

Type: Quick Chane

Ratio: 2.10, 2.70, 3.38

Case: Aluminum

Differential: Quick change

Tilton Brake Pedals with brake bias


Construction: Fiberglass

Color: Red, black, grey, white

Condition: good condition

new Matte wrap


Type: Frame 1.5" x .065"/ roll cage 1.5" x .120"

Builder: Diasio

Material: Mild Steel

Finish: Red powder coated

Condition: good

Front Suspension: A-Arm suspension

Rear Suspension: 4 link with watts linkage

Shocks: Pro Ultimate Shocks

Brakes: Wilwood

Steering: Wilwood Steering

Wheels: 13x8 &13x10 Keiser

Tires: Hoosier


Color/Finish: Aluminum

Material: Aluminum

Fire System: 5lb Halon

Restraints: 2016 G-Force 5 point harnesse

Guages: Digital

Steering Wheel: 10"

Condition: good


1 set of used hoosiers (8 heat cycles)

2 extra gear sets for Winters quick Change

1 set Toyo R888 (new)

I pair Goodyear Rain (Fair)

set of 4 Keiser whees

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