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1961 Ferrari 250 59TR Reconfiguration

Posted by WindingRoad about 11 months, 1 week ago


1961 Ferrari 250 59TR Reconfiguration

s/n 2597GT, Engine no. 5203

Rosso Corsa with Blue Interior

The 250 Testa Rossa is quite simply the one of the most remarkable and important cars built by one of the most legendary marques. Thanks to their World Sports Car championship victories (including Le Mans in 1958, 1959, and 1961) and historical significance, 250 Testa Rossas are now so valuable that they are rarely used, depriving the public and their owners of the joy of experiencing them. Consequently, high-quality reconfigurations using Ferrari chassis, with Ferrari serial numbers, wearing alloy bodies, and using Ferrari mechanical components have garnered the interest of true Ferrari enthusiasts seeking the experience of some of the most significant automobiles ever constructed without the multi million dollar price tags. 

Though Bob Norwood is most famous for his outrageous turbocharged versions of various modern Ferrari road cars (including a 1178hp twin turbocharged F50), he also built four 250TR replicas during the late 1980’s. This is one such car, and it was executed with the consummate attention to detail expected of someone who takes some of the most desirable cars in the world and makes them almost surreally rapid. In keeping with that tradition, this car has been fitted with a tuned tipo 168 3-litre engine (no. 5203, originally fitted to a 250 GT/L “Lusso”) and 5-speed transmission from a 330GT 2+2, which make this car extremely quick. The cams appear to be more aggressive than the standard 250 GT/L spec, and the car also has a 6-carburetor setup as an original 59TR would be equipped. The car is built to high standards and is very correctly styled, though it feels dimensionally perhaps 2-3% larger than a Scaglietti Testa Rossa. The chassis basis and serial number are both from a 1961 250GTE.

The car was built to a high standard and remains in excellent condition. The paintwork is high quality and has survived well, with a few minor surface blemishes. The trim is very nice throughout, and the 16-inch Borrani wire wheels are excellent with correct dimension 5.50 front and 6.00 16-inch rear period-type Dunlop Racing tires are fitted. The headlamps are Cibié items in excellent condition, reflecting the attention to detail, as do a number of other small items such as the leather hood straps and unmistakable clear carburetor hood scoop.

The interior is simple but evocative, with blue bucket seats in the style of those fitted to 340 Mille Miglias, as well as a plain black dash with ample instrumentation. The interior is fully carpeted in black and a special riveted wood-rimmed steering wheel is fitted.

The engine compartment is very clean and detailed, and the 6-carb setup is truly an impressive site. The valve covers have been painted red as is appropriate for the Testa Rossa model and name. The underside is similarly clean and detailed, showing correct finishes throughout.

This car is a blast to drive thanks to the five-speed gearbox and tuned engine, which is likely even stronger than the original specification would have been, while aesthetically remaining much the same. The disc brakes ensure that stopping is equally well accomplished, while the car performs otherwise as a Testa Rossa would. The driving position is very comfortable.

This is a very fast and enjoyable car to drive that will be a wonderful way for the new owner to enjoy the feel and performance of one of the world`s most historically significant Italian competition built automobiles. More over, an increasing number of desirable venues have recently accepted the participation of very accurate aluminum bodied reconfigurations built from actual Ferrari chassis. This car would also be a welcome entry to vintage racing with HSR and SCCA Vintage, among others.

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