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2007 Chevy Suburban 4WD 2500HD

Posted by ebwolf about 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Price: $12000

VIN: 3GNGK26KX7G279239

Odometer: 170,000 miles


I purchased this vehicle in October 2016 from Boulder County at auction specifically to use as a tow vehicle for my endurance race team. We have decided to rent tow vehicles in the future to contain costs. So I’m selling this behemoth to fund my 2018 race season!

Immediately after bringing the vehicle home, I took it to King GM in Longmont, CO, to get it inspected. The vehicle was found to be in excellent condition, mechanically. I had the transmission and differential fluids changed as a precaution. I wanted the AC sorted (it wasn’t working correctly). It turned out the Sheriff Department did a number on the under dash wiring when they ripped out the “cop stuff”. I had the entire harness replaced along with the Mode Door Actuator and AC head unit to the tune of $4000+. The AC system works perfectly now! Before using to haul to our first race (COTA in December), I had the water pump replaced and belts checked at a local shop.


This is a Colorado truck and has no rust! The interior and engine compartment are still rather dusty from driving on the back roads of Boulder County. The front cowling has a split from an encounter with a deer on I-70 going to Heartland Park. I've zip-tied it together, race car style. There is a dent in the driver's door which has been poorly touched-up. The roof has a bunch of RTV-filled holes from the police light bar. The paint is pealing in spots because Chevy can't seem to get white paint to adhere properly. It has non-operational A-column spot lights that you could probably wire up or remove.


This is a ¾ ton 2500 chassis with the LY6 6.0l Vortec V8. It has the 3.73 rear axle, so it carries the highest tow rating for a 4WD Suburban: 9400 lbs with anti-sway. It has the 39 gallon fuel tank. It has all the connections and all the coolers. Our trailer has a wireless remote brake control, so I have NOT wired in a brake controller. I will include the aluminum drop-hitch and a pair of snap-on extension mirrors.

Online people complain that the 6.0 doesn’t tow as well as the older generation. I can tell you that it pulls our 6500 lb enclosed trailer great (3000 in the trailer, 2200 in the Miata, 1300 in tools and spares). The Suburban, itself, is heavy enough that you don’t get the tail wagging the dog. I wouldn’t want to bumper-pull much more weight. Unloaded, it gets about 13.5 mpg on cheap pump gas. Pulling the enclosed trailer at 75-80 mph, the fuel economy drops to 8 mpg. If you drop your speed to 65 mph, the fuel economy improves to about 11 mpg. Your mileage will vary!


With the third-row seats, there is room for 8 adults and gear. I usually don’t bother with the third row which leaves tons of room for four adults and lots of gear. With the third row out, I have put an air mattress in the back in and slept in it stretched out. Most of the interior is hard plastic. The front seats are cloth. The rear seats are synthetic leather. There is no carpet in the entire vehicle. You could probably hose it out if you wanted! I have installed a custom console designed for the Tahoe PPV (Police Pursuit Vehicle) because the Sheriff Dept took their fancy console.. I have carried engines in the back. There are a few D-hooks you can use for tie-down points. The Sheriff had a gun safe in the back, which they also took out.


A Duramax in this truck would be awesome but it also would cost a small fortune. Got a totalled Duramax pickup? Swap the engine and put this V8 in a race car! You’d have a Unicorn tow vehicle! You could also take the truck to these guys in Omaha for a turn-key Duramax swap:

I have priced the vehicle based on what I have in it. It’s hard to get comparables because there aren’t many 2500 Suburbans out there and none I can find with this interior. I really don’t want to take a bath on it but will consider reasonable offers. I will consider a 1.6l Spec Miata with current NASA log book and/or an open aluminum trailer as partial trade.

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