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1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Veloce Racecar

Posted by WindingRoad about 11 months, 2 weeks ago


1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Veloce Racecar

s/n AR245839, engine no. AR00502*14842* 

Gull Grey with White Nose and Black Interior

Designed for Bertone by Giorgetto Giugiaro early in his illustrious career the Giulia GT Veloce, later known as the GTV was an immediate favorite among enthusiasts when first offered in 1963. The simplicity and balanced proportions were applauded when new and continue to be sought after to an entirely new generation for many of the same reasons – beauty, performance, and uniqueness.

Throughout the years of development, the GTV evolved with only minor cosmetic changes but significant mechanical upgrades, including fuel injection and engine displacement increases up to 2.0 liters. The initial specification, which included a 5-speed transmission and Alfa’s excellent alloy 1600cc twin-cam inline-4 cylinder engine, remained relatively unchanged.

Among the most desirable are the early cars with the “stepped” hood or “step nose” design. And while street cars were sold and used regularly, a great many of these cars were modified and raced both with Alfa support and as private ventures. 

This particular car has been delightfully modified with particular attention given to achieve reliable racing performance. Among the many performance features of this car however, is that, while it can be taken to the track and driven with confidence, it also happens to be licensed for street use.

The build began roughly fifteen years ago with a relatively solid, straight original car under the direction of Alfa expert Fred Schueddekopp of Autostrada, Anacortes, WA. The effort enlisted multiple expert vendors with assistance in engine, performance components, and various specialty services in order to create a reliable and high performing race car, which could still be used on the street.

Today the car is registered for street use with a California Historical Plate but also carries HSR West and HMSA logbooks, and is equipped with an AMB hardwired transponder 0847904. As was the case in many previous years, the car was recently accepted into the 2017 Rolex Monterey Reunion and Pre-Reunion events.

The car has been professionally assembled beginning with an Alfa tipo 105 Giulia 1600 engine. The documented engine build was performed by The Pit Stop in Brisbane, CA and prepped for racing by Oliveria Engineering, Berkeley, CA.

Records include extensive detailed notations for work including multiple efforts to dial in the right combination of performance components to achieve the best performance results, accompanied by copious notes on mechanical details as well as exact fluids, adjustments, and fittings to assist the next owner and mechanic.

Weber 45DCOE 18 carburetors, Accusump oil accumulator, race mufflers, race distributor, reinforced head gasket, RML distributor, Magnaflow muffler, Kevlar scatter shield, new intake manifold, new cam chains, and complete engine rebuild are all part of the documentation on just the engine alone.

Visually the car presents very nicely with confident stance and a purposeful, period competition appearance. Clearly the work was done with racing in mind but a great deal of sorting and refinement have gone into the car without making it a fussy show car or mild racing participant.

This car was done with driving and premier event eligibility in mind. The body is clean and refined showing GTA door handles, no bumpers, and much of the trim, including windshield wipers, tastefully removed. The front, rear, and side windows are formed in Plexiglas for weight savings.

The paint is in good condition, showing some evidence of track use, a small paint blend near the right taillight, and one minor blister just above the original fuel door. The sparse and purposeful exterior look overall is in keeping with the interior which is all business even though one could potentially use the car on the street, assuming they are not seeking long distance touring comfort.

The engine compartment is tidy and purposeful with the real delights buried within the castings and combustion chambers. The underside of the car is clean in areas that have been tended to during replacement or refurbishment, appearing solid and complete if not well used by previous and current owners.

The car is outfitted with Alfa Romeo ATE disc brakes both at the front and rear. Koni Sport shock absorbers are installed all around and a GTA style Panhard rod is installed with an adjustable rear sway bar that can be easily adjusted for less oversteer.

The wheels and tires are GTA replica 14” with Hoosier Street TD 205 60 14 (included) and Panasport 15” with Hoosier Speedster 205 60 15 tires (fitted). The interior includes a Sparco Evo 2 driver seat with Crow Enterprises 5 point belts and passenger seat with Crow 4 point belts. The interior also has a welded in roll cage and features a GTA style fiberglass dashboard, minimal instrumentation, and racing steering wheel.

A fixed fire-extinguishing system direct to the engine compartment and driver’s seat has been professionally installed. The 12-gallon fuel cell foam was replaced in 2013. There is also a convenient remote engine start switch located at the firewall. The rear glass has been replaced with a Plexiglas piece that has large holes drilled out to improve cockpit ventilation.

The most attractive part of this car is how cohesive the total package is first visually and then once engaged driving. The car starts and runs very well on idle and gets right to business once in gear.

While one might expect some roughness and harsh ride, the car is rather well done with good feel and responsive features that work in harmony. Power comes on very strong in all gears, braking is direct with great pedal pressure, and suspension very nicely dialed in.

Recently raced with HMSA and CSRG and currently offered with a transferable entry to the Monterey Motorsports Reunion and Pre Reunion events for 2017, this Alfa Romeo GTV will certainly bring a smile to any performance minded enthusiast or racer who is looking for a turnkey and cost effective entry to premier historic racing venues throughout north America, or a spirit and characterful ride to a local Cars and Coffee event. 

This is a great opportunity to acquire a nicely modified GTV ready to enjoy on the track, but could actually be driven to local events. It comes with a file of invoices documenting work performed since its inception as a racecar by the various qualified vendors and technicians that have serviced the car.

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