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1984 BMW 318i w/ AluM52 "LTW" HPDE car

Posted by 2mAn about 2 years, 11 months ago
$12,000 OBO

I can be reached at

Engine / Trans:
-Aluminum M52B28 from the 97/98 Z3, rebuilt from top to bottom, all new bearings, gaskets, new metal water pump, etc. I had it completely rebuilt with Turner Motorsports first overbore pistons (84.25mm) and had the whole assembly balanced. BigSert Timeserts were added to prevent the known issue the aluminum blocks have of pulling head bolts. 21.5# Pink top injectors were also rebuilt. Besians Vanos repair has been completed. Also added S52 cams, along with the M50/S50 exhaust manifolds along with the better S52 downpipe with a brand new Magnaflow CA legal cat going into a M20B25 exhaust. Sounds good, and is BAR compliant. Its all running on a 413 Red Label ECU and the proper tuned TRM chip. 
-This car is ready for the California BAR inspection and Im currently working getting the sticker and smog completed for CA Legal goodness.
I dyno'd the car and it made 225whp which is about 270bhp! It probably makes more now with the better downpipe, correct chip and repaired Vanos. Whats up S50/S52 lovers? 
- Getrag G260 Transmission has a Sachs Clutch/ Pressure Plate and single mass flywheel combo that was balanced with the rotating assembly. Flywheel isnt super light (~14lbs I think) so theres no chatter at idle.
Transmission mounts are E21 with the aluminum cups, mounted on a GunMetalGrey swap bracket, engine mounts are AKG. Pretty solid, but not at all uncomfortable. 
-KD Motorsports did the install of the new engine and all the new parts. I cringe at the thought of adding them up. You can do it while you celebrate the deal you got on my car. No power steering will help you build up that upper body strength. 
-It currently has over 41,000 relatively trouble free miles since its been swapped.

Suspension / Brakes:

-Hyperco 500# front & 700# rear springs on shortened housings with adjusters. Corrado Single Adjustable Koni's up front & brand new Koni's in the back.. Ground Control SCCA spec Camber plates & upgraded Raised Ground Control rear shock mounts.
-Up front Ive replaced the control arms with new Febi units, Treehouse racing CABs, new swaybar links. 
-Rear subframe has Ireland Engineering subframe bushings, and AKG 85A Rear Trailing Arm Bushings and Diff Mount. Also, has welded in posi-lock camber and toe correctors from Ireland Engineering. Alignment is perfect and all the annoying work is done.
-Upgraded factory sway bars and bushings (Cabrio / iX combo). 
-Ireland Engineering upper front strut bar. 
-Drilled rotors. Stainless Lines. Recently changed the pads to StopTech Street Performance pads and changed the fluid. No ABS, brake like a man! 

-Corner balanced with ballast for a 190# driver, so car is just barely over 2300# wet and makes 225whp. 


Mostly original Alpine1 paint, not VIN matching panels though. Added late model valences front and rear with IS front lip and Zender rear spoiler. Front brake scoops duct air to the brakes with the proper high temp hose. Function over form. Windshield is 2 years old and has one minor ding, hasnt spread.


Rare Italvolanti steering wheel (era correct race wheel), PMC Shift lever, Cobra Fixed back seat (2016 date) and Schroth 6 pt harness (2017date) hold you tight. Heater works, defrost works, stereo has the front speakers functioning and is wiring for more in the back, but I just have my iPod in the glovebox and thats to avoid keeping it quiet while I drive to and from the track. Still has the black carpet inside, along with an Autpower rollbar welded in and custom rear seat delete. My version of a GT3, though this cars power/weight drops it into a GT4 group.

This car has been pretty much bulletproof and needs nothing to terrorize the track, except a new driver. Car includes a bunch of spares, and I have 5 total SSR wheels so you have a full size spare. I have another one thats cracked and its yours if you want it. Motor has 41k miles now, 36k as my daily driver in about 18 months. The other 5 has been weekend and occasional track days. 5 days in the last year. Im moving on to Vintage Racing and have already started building the next one. This has to go before its done being built. Garage is too small!

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