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1996 Lola Champ car with Cosworth XB motor

Posted by WindingRoad about 11 months, 1 week ago

Location:  Phoenix, AZ


1996 Lola Champ car with Cosworth XB motor. Complete car has just 23 miles after complete rebuild. Pristine condition. Absolutely mint condition.

Both the car and the motor have been completely rebuilt with no expense spared. After it was finished, it was taken to Willow Springs Raceway where it ran just a few laps to ensure all was working as it should.

One fully prepared race ready 96 Lola Champ Cars with correct Ford Cosworth engines. The current owner planned to race the cars, hence the cars have gone through an extensive rebuild. No expenses spared restoration with chassis up, nut and bolt rebuild and every component is either new and/or crack tested. A partial list includes Crack check gears - Sonic clean oil coolers, radiators, gearbox coolers. All new suspension studs, chassis studs, crack check, all suspension, gears, steering rack, exhaust system. Rebuild fuel cell - dyno test shock absorbers - inspect all wiring looms and wiring, Full race prep, alignment and set up for track or racing. 

Car is new and completely gone through with shake down time only. This is NOT show cars but in fact TRUE period-correct race cars down to every last detail. This car is without question the lowest mile cars around with one having only 6 races in total (never crashed) from new. This is an opportunity to own and drive a fully sorted Champ Car which is ideally suited for the Boss Racing Series worldwide as a front runner. This car is an ideal track or race cars with all the speed, huge downforce, and safety in one car. 96 Champ Cars were designed to bounce off walls at over 200 MPH and protect the driver (full carbon fiber monocoque and bodywork). They were designed as customer cars that have to last a full season of racing and enormous amounts of testing. Not to be replaced every 4 races like a formula 1 car. 

All the spare parts are available. Try getting parts for a Formula 1 car, I personally know, Good Luck and if you do find the parts your problem can’t afford to buy them. This Champ Car is 100% full race prep and can be easily maintained, unlike many of the rolling chassis cars advertised.

Currently in period correct Newman/ Haas Budweiser livery. Fresh Ford Cosworth engines Lola six-speed sequential gearboxes - fully rebuilt Koni Shocks - fully dyno Pi Dash and Data acquisition This Car is being offered at a fraction of it's cost and being sold due to ongoing medical conditions.

Parts included...

Lola Parts Inventory.

1. (4) Front OZ wheels

2. (4) Rear OZ wheels

3. (2) L+R Mirror Housings

4. (1) Bead Seat Complete. Medium/Large Size. Up to 195 Lbs.

5. (10) A-arms

6. Pi steering wheels’ dash w/steering wheel complete.

7. Quick jack

8. New Header Bags New type

Cosworth XB Parts

1. Cosworth XB, ECU.

2. Complete Fuel Pump, rebuilt (1)

3. Coil Packs (X2)

4. Plug Wires (New)

5. Ignition Rotor (1)

6. Fuel Pump Quills (6)

7. Throttle Levers (2)

8. Spark Plugs New (8)

9. Water and Oil Pipes (6)

10. Engine Pressure Transducers, Oil, Fuel, etc. (3)

11. Water Temperature Sensors (2)

12. Engine Stud Kit (1)

13. Engine O Ring Kit (1 box)

14. Coil Wires (2)

15. Pop-off Block off Kit (1)

16. Waste-gate Matched Springs (4)

17. Cam Sensor Harness Assembly, with sensor (1)

18. Throttle Position Harness Assembly w/TPS sensor

19. Gear Position Harness Assembly

20. Pickle plugs

21. Box misc. used engine parts, camshaft, valve springs, buckets, belts,

22. Engine Turning Socket

23. Cosworth Transport Case

24. Pi Systems 4+ LCU, with manuals and Licensed Software, w/ Manuals

Indycar Lightweight Starters (x2) Battery Cart with Cables

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