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Racing Equipment - Refueling, Support and Setup

Posted by TranzonFox about 1 year, 1 month ago

Racing Refueling Equipment

Refueling Equipment. Custom 90 gallon aluminum fuel tank cart with air over hydrolic transfer. 8 dump and 4 pump out jugs. 8 male red heads and 2 female with rebuild kits, drum tool and fuel scale included. Grand Am over head refueling rig mount to Pit Bull crash cart.

Auction FX1870H -

Racing Support Equipment

Support Equipment. 4 Matco tool boxes with 2 adjoining aluminum work benches, numerous hand tools and speciality equipment, Pit Road Thunder Guns, air hoses, regulators, nitrogen cages, safety blocks, nitrogen bottle steps, extension cords, drop lights, Speedcom radios and headsets, pop up tents, folding chairs and tables, Tire prep equipment, Indycar timing stand (dated but very useful at the club level). 1400 square feet of flooring tile and an electric Taylor Dunn with Ford 9 inch rear end.

Auction FX1870I -

Racing Setup Equipment

Setup Equipment. Brand new MK Technologies roll off trays, Intercomp slide tables, Hub Stands, and MK Technologies 2500 scale pad platten with scales and additional length ramps.

Auction FX1870J -

Part of an online auction of 4 Grand Am race cars, 2 trucks, 2 trailers and racing equipment. Includes a 2008 Porsche Cup Chassis updated to 2010 Grand Am Spec Porsche, two Grand Am ST BMW 1 Series, 2010 Riley Technologies GS.R Camaro, 2006 Peterbilt Tractor, 2001 550 Ford Dually with 2003 Featherlite 48ft aluminum goose neck trailer, 1994 50 ft Featherlite trailer, as well as refueling, support and setup equipment.

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Tranzon Fox, VAAF423

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