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996 PCA I class Race car

Posted by danieldoman about 10 months, 1 week ago

Competitive Race Car or fantastic DE car

2002 911 996 Porsche

Color: Blue and Yellow Livery

VIN: WPOZZ56465464666666

Price : $35000

Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing

Location (Region): NorthEast

Transmission Type: Manual - 6 speed

Very Well maintained professionally build Race Car for sale


Race Ranking

2002 996 GTB1/ I-Class

Ex-Koni Challenge car built by Autometrics

2016 I-Class Third Place National

2014 National GTB-1 Championship Car 

2013 Runner-Up.

Suspension and brakes

Triple adjustable Motons 

900lb springs

GT3 control arms.

GT3 adjustable sway bars 

Performance Friction two piece front rotors 

Braided steel brake lines

Replaced front Calipers, 2016

Tarret drop links

Replaced rear toe link assembly, 2015

Replaced stock rubber bushings with monoball suspension race adjustable unit, 2015

Replaced steering rack, 2016

New rotors

Pagid Yellows

Motor and Transmission


X51 headers 

X51 oil baffle

custom aluminum radiators

Third radiator

FVD Brombacher performance Muffler ( new 2015)

Motorsports AOS,

Stock transmission with integrated cooler 

Replaced coils and plugs, 2015

Replaced rear seal with IMS bearing kit, 2015

Replaced transmission mount with solid, 2015

Rebuilt Guard LSD, 2016

Replaced Rear Axels, 2016

Numeric Shifter with risers

Cup cables


Two sets CCW and one set of factory 17" Twist wheels with Rains.

Refreshed Fire system 2015

ATL 5 gallon dump can with Dry Break

Wired for in dash radio and whip antenna

Cool suit system with toggle switch

Cup steering wheel quick release with 


Fanatically maintained by BodyMotion

Fresh paint touch up.

Window covers for transport on open trailer

Car Cover

Folding Rennline front tow hook

Rennline tie down hooks front and rear for transport

Very competitive, reliable car. As GTB-1, Summit Point:1:19s, VIR:2:03s, WGI:2:05s (old course), Sebring:2:21s

Very light to be competitive with new PCA rules for GTB1

Currently running as I-Class withTaco wing and ballast per class requirements 

Race as PCA "I", or take ballast out and add wing for GTB-1 


Take I-Class ballast out and you have a very safe, fully caged, very fast DE car at a low very price point.

Located in Central NJ

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