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Diasio D962-IRS #29

Posted by Caterham about 9 months, 1 week ago

2002 Diasio D962 (IRS-P)


HPDE Instructor Car, well known in Central Texas PCA and BMWCCA circles.

Current Owner since 2004.


A Blast to Drive. Quick and Reliable. Needs Nothing. 

All Books and Records, including the Diasio Owners Manual..

Period Correct SCCA D Sports Racer.

One of the last 1ltr Diasios Built.  Well Sorted. Originally Developed and Track Driven by Chris Diasio.

Fabcar Tube Frame Chassis. Fabcar was Builder of Contract Porsche 962’s.  The Chassis is basically infinitely adjustable to your particular driving preference. If you prefer a bit of oversteer or understeer, or want to set up for the corner leading to the fastest straight, you can just dial it in. 

Weight is 1150 LBS dry. Per Diasio Specs of 1223lb Dry, minus 75LB for Kevlar Body.

Power to Weight ratio is approximately 7.1                                    

For comparison, a C7 Corvette Grand Sport is 7.5

This is a +2 G’s Car.... it will impress any unibody car up to a 400hp. 

It is easy to drive on a variety of different lines.  

SAFE, Full Halo Roll Over and Side Impact Cabin Bars. Front Crush Box. Fuel Safe Fuel Cell. Firebottle Halon Fire Suppression System with Cockpit and Engine Bay Nozzles. External Kill Switch. SCCA D Sports classed "With A Roof".

Two Yamaha YZF 1000 Thunderace Engines. (Plus a third Spare Parts Engine). 

YZF 1000 Engines make 150HP Stock and 160+HP on Race Fuel. (At the Crankshaft)

Redline is 11,800 rpm. However in the interest of engine longevity, I always short shift at 11,000.  It's on the pipe right there anyway. No Trophy's in HPDE.

The sound at 11,000 is Glorious, like old school F1 or Indycar.

Current installed Engine is Higher Compression, running 110 Race Fuel. (Approx 20 Hours on This Engine) Pulls Hard! Yet idles like a kitten.  This engine was built by Billy Wiese, "A noted and accomplished AMA tuner", now in Florence TX. Billy founded WRW Racing, formerly in Houston. The second complete spare running engine is Stock and runs on Pump Gas.

Yamaha YZF 1000 Engines are Reliable & Easy to Maintain. Excellent Parts Availability through your local Yamaha Shop. This Package includes a Yamaha Factory Engine Manual and Parts CD with images and all the part id numbers.

Fuel Burn is under 2 Gallons in a 20 min session. With the 10 Gallon Fuel Cell, you fill it up in the morning and run a days worth of 4 sessions with fuel to spare..

One Set of Keihin Flat Slide 39 FCR Carburators with K&N’s.

Two Sets Mikuni 38mm Carburators, stock Yamaha Airbox

Solid Engine Mounts.

Remote Aluminum Oil Cooler integrated into right side body work with ported air exit tunnel for downforce.

Remote Aluminum Coolant Radiator with switched fan integrated into left side body work. Boxed air exit ducted to engine bay.

Heat Shielding on Oil and Water lines. Runs Very Cool in Extreme Central TX Heat.

The Sequential Gearbox is delightful. Just move the shifter forward and back. There is a Large Gear Indicator light on the dash.  Example: From 4th You can just Clutch & Down Click the Shifter Twice while Braking, do One Heel-Toe as you reach corner speed, you are in 2nd, ready to charge through the apex.

Multiple Sprocket Gear Sets. Gearing changes with simple hand tools. You can easily order custom Sprokets from Sproket Specialists to match gearing for your favorite tracks.

Several one piece Regina Chains to match Gear sets. 

Front-Rear Brake Bias Dash Control, so you can dial in your trail braking, and rotate on a dime.

Wilwood Dynalight 4 Piston Calipers front and rear.

The Excellent Wilwood Poyymatrix B Compound Brake Pads last a LONG TIME and are inexpensive. 6 -8 regular DE's, no problem.  This is a momentum car with tremendous grip. The Brake system was designed for a much heavier car.

Wilwood Two Piece Rotors.

Wilwood Master Cylinders.

Wilwood Pedals.

Parts like Wheel Bearings and Brake Light Switches can be sourced at your local NAPA.  The oil filters are a stock Ford F-150 V8 Truck part.

Adjustable Rear Wing.  You can set it up to run COTA or an Autocross.

Hoosier Slicks (8) C3000 Cantilever Biased.  Hoosier makes an R7 that would fit perfectly.

One set Slicks 10 heat cycles the other 20.

Keizer Aluminum Wheels (8)  around 8lb ea.

Carrera Height Adjustable Shocks on all 4 corners.

Additional front Springs, for a Solo or Passenger Setup. 

Corner Balanced for 170lb driver.

Oddesy Mil Spec Ultra Light Battery.

3 Steering Wheels, All Alcantara. (Momo, Personal, & Alpha Wheels).

Steering Wheel Quick Release.

Whats unique for this particular Diasio?

It's a Heavy Option Prototype.... 

SCCA Holomagation Certificate.

4 Wheel Independent Suspension. The only Diasio 1 Ltr with IRS. The Engine is Mounted Transverse, Direct Chain Drive to a Taylor Quaife Limited Slip.

Ultra Light Strong Kevlar Body ($2800 Option).

Tall Man Kit so 6'1" Drivers Fit ($700).

Front Crush Box ($750 Option).

Auxiliary Oil Cooler with Large Exit Duct ($675).

Digital Gauges and Gear Indicator Light ($300).

Passenger Seat, Harness and Foot Support ($565).

10 Gal Fuel Cell ($350) New Bladder dated 2013. (not 2015 as previously listed) Comes with FIA certificate.

Ceramic Coated Headers ($225).

Muzzy Quiet Performance Muffler ($200).

Keizer Aluminum Wheels two sets ($2400).

Insulated Fire Wall.

Dual Nose Vented Switched Electric Front Brake Blowers, Roush.

Fender Flairs for Wider Off Set Wheel Package.

Ultra Shield Seats and Harnesses.

3 Position Adjustable Drivers Seat. SCCA Legal Mounts.

Sliding Drivers Side Window Port.

Magnetic Door Latches.

Roof Air Scoop to Engine Bay. 

Side Flange Scoops to Oil Cooler and Radiator.

Aluminum Dive Planes.

Aluminum Splitter.

Aluminum Aerodynamic Flat Engine Bay Pans.

Headlights Integrated into Custom Bodywork.

Windshield Wiper.

Cool Shirt Equipped, Your Option, as I can use this in our new Caterham.

Original Putnam Park Livery. I would describe the overall presentation as Very Clean-Nice with Attractive Patina. Never Any Accidents. Always draws a croud when you unload. It has been cleaned and fussed over after every track weekend. Stored Inside and Admired. The Custom Paint and Wrap are Striking. I never had the heart to change it. As a result, there are multiple scratches and imperfections in the body paint. The Chassis has the original light grey powder coating that has been touched up many times over the years.

Selling because we have too many Track Cars.  Building a Caterham Track Car right now.

You can see more photos on the site.                   See Classifieds / Road Racing Cars / Sports Racer


David Nelson

Georgetown TX  (Near Austin)


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