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1963 Porsche 356 C Coupe Outlaw

Posted by WindingRoad about 5 years, 9 months ago

Location: Emeryville, CA

s/n 126843 Eng. No *4095687*

Silver with White Stripe with Black Interior

Among the most developed of Porsche’s legendary 356 line, the 356C was significantly improved over the early cars. Engine power output more than doubled, from 40hp at introduction to just shy of 100hp in the last examples, and there were significant updates to the interior, suspension, drivetrain, and brakes. The 356C marked the introduction of disc brakes, and the car was available with a variety of engines in both open and closed forms. Aside from cars fitted the complicated and exotic Carrera four-cam racing motors, the C and SC models were at the top of the range in terms of performance, with its more sporting suspension and more powerful motor. 

The “Outlaw” 356 movement is fairly well-known within Porsche circles and the basic formula for creating an Outlaw 356 is simple. However, there is tremendous breadth for individualism and interpretation and some cars are more successful and impressive than others. This particular car is a wonderfully executed example that beautifully embodies the Outlaw aesthetic and philosophy: sporty, period-evocative, and tremendous fun to drive.

This particular car was built by Bill Hamilton of Hamilton Classics in Texas from a 1964 Porsche 356 C basis, although it is badged as an SC. Hamilton Classics has a history of building Outlaw Porsches and a following in the community. As evidence of this, they were the feature of a six-page July 2011 Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car magazine article. Best described as a “mild outlaw” it has a hot street-appropriate engine with forged Skat crank, Carillo rods, 1883cc Nickies Big Bore pistons and cylinders, Weber carbs, headers, machine work, engine skid plate, and more. The suspension was rebuilt, as were the gauges. 

In terms of its cosmetic presentation, it is not a show car, but quite sound, and with a very fresh appearance. The body was striped, metal worked where necessary, and repainted in an early Porsche color. The interior was reupholstered with high quality materials, a unique dash pad, and fiberglass reproduction Speedster seats. It sits on forged aluminum wheels from Porsche space saver spares - a popular low weight forged wheel, which are fairly hard to come by.

The car is great fun to drive, with ample power and stopping ability to match from its factory disc brakes. The transmission and shift linkage feels tight, and the steering responsive. We encourage interested parties to perform a detailed pre-purchase inspection to confirm its mechanical health. 

Eligible for any driving or show events that a standard Porsche 356 C would be welcome to, but with interesting features, we are sure this outlaw will provide its new owner with great entertainment on the open road, or simply as a conversation topic at cars and coffee!

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