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1964 Jaguar D-Type Long-Nose Recreation

Posted by bradiger about 5 years, 11 months ago

Location: Emeryville, CA

1964 Jaguar D-type Recreation by Wingfield

s/n 861409, engine no. RA 4628-9

Ecurie Ecosse Blue with Blue Leather Interior

The D-Type is one of Jaguar’s most famous and successful creations. A development of the Le Mans-winning C-type, the D-Type was also designed by aerodynamicist Malcom Sayer, and would go on to win many races, including Le Mans in 1955, 56, and 57. It continued to use the sophisticated twin cam XK inline-6, and disc brakes, but the major news was the inclusion of a unit type monocoque chassis, which allowed a smaller frontal area. The conversion of the engine to dry-sump lubrication lowered its center of gravity and allowed it to fit into this lower body.

This car is a particularly interesting example because it was the first example built by Bryan Wingfield, whose recreations are famous for their faithfulness and high quality. He is a noted Jaguar collector and vintage racer, who also produced high quality replicas of other important Jaguars including the XKSS and low drag E-Type coupe. This car is one of three built with an alloy Williams and Pritchard body and was the cover car for the 1974 Wingfield brochure (in which they refer to the car by their trade model name of “Deetype”). The car was also featured in Graham Robson’s “Jaguar D-Type and XKSS” book (pp. 94-98), in which he states “The Deetype was as near to a perfect replica of the original as possible, right down to the use of the live rear axle suspension at the back.”

The car was originally purchased by Robs Lamplough, who bought it off the 1975 London Racing Car stand for 7,900 GBP. Later owners included Richard Pilkington and Dutch vintage racer Cees den Haan. The car’s specification is of a long nose and vertical stabilizing fin, which permitted a higher top speed. It was built on a 1964 E-Type and is titled as such. It has a Ron Beatty-built 285hp 4.2 liter wet-sump engine with new triple Weber 45 DCOE carburetors and the gearbox is a fully synchronized 4-speed. The rear end is a Salisbury 4HA and the car is equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes and 16” Dunlop wheels, and also comes with a passenger side windscreen. The car has a 2008 FIVA identity card and a letter of authenticity from Alan Collins. It was also featured on the cover of the June/July 2012 issue of the Jaguar Gazette, a Dutch Jaguar publication.

The car’s current owner has a genuine D-Type in addition to this car, and purchased it in the Netherlands in 2014, although he did previously have the car on a V5c in the United Kingdom. He had Jaguar specialist Steve Gordon (owner of Vintage Auto Service) perform extensive maintenance, including all fluids (oil, filter, transmission, differential, coolant), new front brake lines, chassis lube, new motor mount, fit Mallory dual point distributor, new ignition wires, new spark plugs, new Lucas sport coil, alignment, new Pirelli Cinturato tires, new battery cables, new battery (vintage Lucas style)and hold down, perform miscellaneous electrical fixes, fit new radiator, new cool cat fan, new radiator hoses, and fit new Weber carburetors. In all, this work totaled over $13,000 and the car now runs and drives superbly. 

The car has not been repainted since it was built and has plenty of patina, which gives it a lovely and authentic presence that is rarely achieved in recreations. The body shows excellent craftsmanship, with excellent fit and operation. The paint was done to high standards and shows numerous flaws: scratches, chips, and a few surface cracks. The Perspex and glass are generally excellent, aside from a small crack in one of the headlamp covers. The car wears vintage type Pirelli Cinturatos on 16” alloy Dunlop wheels.

The interior also has a lovely patina. The leather shows some thinning to the dye and a few creases, which gives the car a well-used racer feel. The dashboard is simple black wrinkle paint in nice shape, and the car has full Smiths instrumentation including an original 180mph D-Type speedometer. The 3-spoke wood-rimmed steering wheel is correct is in appearance and in very nice shape. There is a hard tonneau cover for the passenger seat, and there is also a removable windscreen for the passenger side.

The engine compartment is very purposeful. The engine itself is clean and attractive, while the structural members and firewall show some aging and signs of use. The Webers, wrapped headers, aluminum radiator, and dummy oil tank give the engine compartment a business-oriented feel.

The car is a pleasure to drive, with a well-resolved and streetable feel. The car is loud but not obscenely so, and the engine is tractable and well-tuned. It makes good power, which, coupled with the light weight, gives a visceral, high-performance feel that is genuinely thrilling. The brakes are effective and even in their operation, and the steering is tight and precise. The suspension is firm, providing good body control and precise handling, but is still compliant enough for street use. In short, it is an easy to drive, high performance car that is well suited to street use, but would also be at home on the track or for tours.

This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire an interesting and beautifully-made D-Type recreation. One of the most faithful recreations made, this car accurately captures the excitement of the D-Type and is further distinguished by being the first example built by one of the pre-eminent manufacturers of such cars. Its FIVA card allows it to be used in a wide variety of prestigious events, while its charming patina is unrepeatable in a newly constructed example. It has recently been thoroughly sorted and is now an outstanding turnkey example.

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