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Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 36-Pack

Posted by Brandon_Turkus about 9 years ago

Zwipes Microfiber cleaning cloths are a revolution in cleaning that allows you to keep your automobiles, boats, RVs, motorcycles and other vehicles clean while investing less time, money, effort and chemicals than ever before. Designed around Zwipes' unique Microfiber material that can be effectively used with or without chemical detergents, is super absorbent and dries in half the time or ordinary towels, these cloths are a must-have accessory for all your cleaning needs.

The Right Cleaning Tool for the Garage, Kitchen and Beyond
Zwipes Microfiber cleaning cloths are sometimes described as having a magnetic attraction to dirt and dust. Whether the task at hand involves cleaning glass, stainless steel, chrome, paint, plastic, or wood, Zwipes products attract and instantly remove dust like a magnet, and they are so efficient that you can clean with a simple rubbing motion and just a little bit of water. In fact, the miraculous fibers woven into each cloth create a scrubbing action that can virtually eliminate the need for cleaning solutions.

Zwipes microfiber contains over 90,000 fibers per square inch, and is the softest and thickest of all microfibers. It is especially effective for trapping particles with static electricity, and is the secret to its elimination of the need for cleaners and detergents. Also these microfibers are designed to adhere to a surface, literally clinging to grease, oils and film. These amazing cloths also provide for nonabrasive, lint free cleanups that won't scratch paint or clear coat. Combine this with the fact that each cloth can absorb eight times its own weight in liquid, can be rinsed and reused hundreds of times, and dry in half the time as a regular cotton towel and you have the perfect cleaning accessory for the garage, kitchen and beyond.

Key Features

  • 90,000 fibers per square inch lifts and holds dust, dirt, grease and spills
  • Dusts, washes and dries
  • Cleans with or without chemicals
  • Cleans and details wheels, interiors and car finish
  • Lint-free, streak-free cleanups
  • Nonabrasive: won't scratch paint or clear coat
  • Absorbs eight times its own weight
  • Machine washable, 12" x 16" cloths
  • Advanced Microfiber cleaning technology
  • Drys in half the time of a regular cotton towel
  • Rinse and reuse 100's of times
  • Superior cleaning power with Zwipes Microfiber

What's in the Box
1-pack of 36 12" x 16" Zwipes Microfiber cleaning cloths.

About Zwipes
Zwipes are brought to you by 3L Industries. 3L Industries was founded in 1999 with the mission to bring high quality innovative cleaning products to the market at reasonable prices for the consumer. As a company 3L Industries has traveled the world and invested a considerable amount of resources developing what they consider the highest performing cleaning products that you can buy.

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