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Paradigm Shift Driver Development

On-Site Coaching | Remote Coaching | Simulator Coaching | Book-Based Learning | Group Lessons Based in Atlanta, GA, Paradigm Shift is a Driver Development company that is moving away from traditional driving instruction and aims to bring racers a more up-to-date approach. Paradigm Shift Driver Development was founded on the principle of teaching the physics of racing from a down-to-earth perspective. "We wanted these books to be as intuitive as possible without losing the science," says lead author Adam Brouillard. "While not always easy, these are not written as engineering level textbooks, they are written from the viewpoint of a driver. If you can't do it from behind the wheel, it doesn't go in the book." The goal of Paradigm Shift is to give drivers the kind of confidence that only comes with knowledge. To truly know why you are slow... or fast! "We want you to understand what it takes to be a champion in the same way that you understand the sky is blue," says the author. "We don't want you to take our word for it, we want you to be able to look up and see it for yourself." Adam Brouillard Racing Coach - Bringing not only a wealth of writing experience, but over 15 years in motorsport, Adam is truly the voice of the company. Having competed in everything from autocross and karts to purpose-built racecars, Adam has not only demonstrated high level driving with multiple wins and podiums, but also a passion for teaching while working as a racing instructor for multiple organizations and track day clubs. On their website you can also find detailed Track Notes for many well known tracks in North America and Europe (side note: Adam has provided current Spec MX-5 SimRacing Challenge drivers with the Track Notes for all the venues on our schedule as well as several sim-based training lessons. Adam is also available for remote and on-site coaching as well as classroom sessions around the country and will honor a 50% discount on remote coaching for league members throughout the remainder of our season. If you know someone that is not part of the Spec MX-5 SimRacing Challenge and could benefit from professional driver coaching, Adam is extending a 25% discount for these same services - all they have to do is mention they heard about Paradigm Shift Racing through our series.